back to bloggg...
seriously lost the blogging mojo-jo-jo.. dont feel
like updating at all...

what's new. back to college in 2 weeks time. gahhh.. -.-


After taking the cab from the Airport... it zoomed thru the
highway and straight into the city.. nonetheless, its quite near
compared to KLIA to KL city...

It was in the evening.. when the jams all started... and it was SO JAM.
i got very sien..
. den we stopped to fill gas. taxi driver afraid
not enuf... since jam like mad.

after a while finally reached the Centre Point serviced apartment
that was along Petchburi road.. its one of the busiest roads there..
actually- all their roads are busy.. (pic in previous entry- last pic)

checked-in lor... then the guards started greeting in Thai when
we entered... i realized now- why they have such good rating..
shud be around 4 1/2 stars and lotsa foreigners stay there tho its
juz a service the rates were on the high side since
its the festive season
and they charge in USD/Baht...


the huge tree was up till the ceiling.... hahah! so snap a pic..
holidays are all about snapping pics and enjoying.. :D
wuz waiting at the lounge.. while waiting to check-in...
after that... went to the room. shower. rest. and off to explore

and lo0k what i shot while scouting the streets of Bangkok~!
ahahahah... xD


its.. either roast chicken. giant squid or fish...
on display along the sideway... its more or less like a night market
on Petchburi road.. where the sell loads of stuff like bags, Thai food.
and other stuff...

went jalan-jalan...


saw some jumpin' and stil kickin' shrimps... lol.. seems that its
eaten "live" in some Thai salad... didn't try that.. coz its kinda
weird eating something that might be jumping around your mouth
haha. xD

later on went to Platinum Mall... its a big shopping mall.. with
shops that are tiny. figure that out.. something like Sungei Wang
tonnes of shops coz its all individually owned...
wil post pics later since i spent most of my precious time here.


later- headed of to Bangkok's Night Bazaar...
nothing seemed to be special.. juz plenty of shops selling lotsa
overpriced items. one of the tourist dest. went for dinner there.

(pity my

anyway... best thing about hawker stalls there.. everywhere serves
pork. ahaha! since Thailand is 90% buddhists. so not many muslims
had also one of the best Mango Glutinous Rice! =]
coz Thailand's sticky rice is famously grown there. incomparable with
those local sticky rice in KL. lol...!

saw lotsa ppl drinking Heineken beer in tall containers..
oh well.. after that went bak to the hotel but before that went
jalan-jalan again around the area...

went for foot reflexology right outside the hotel..
not too bad.. since Thai masseurs are known to be good.
unfortunately- i seriously DONT KNOW whether the fella who
massaged me is a chiq or a dude. =.=

tsk tsk... i fail in recognizing. but i saw some along the way that
are either half/partial/fully ahkuas... lol.. wtf BBQ right??

k. that's for now... will continue it later.

Happy New Year 2008 everyone!! see ya nex year.

Where will you all be countdown-ing tonight?

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