okie.dokie... let me finish off Bangkok.

coz its so nice there. cannot not pen down these in the blog
to flashback nex time la... and to tell the tale of been here.
done that.. xD


and so... the next day was uber shopping. like madness...
imagine the day.. going out in the morning and coming back
at night... and all I done is sightsee and shopping...

after breakfast... we went to MBK.


not much to see there... walked to BTS from the hotel... coz the
place we're heading isn't near and for the fun of taking train..

train was crowded and took the interchange to MBK..


infamously known as one of the better shopping complexes there
..then again.. we went there randomly... haha...
wuz waiting for the other train to bring us to the doorstep of the

reached there. it wasn't open.. -.-
there's some fire drill going on... and so. had to wait.. walked around
vicinity to look around... the National Stadium is just nex dooor...
saw some ppl doing aerobic exercise.. lol..

lalala~ we got in... everybody rushed in as if got jumbo sale.
apparently NOT. everywhere i go i see lots of these inside...


as widely known their King is highly regarded in Thailand... saying
anything bad juz put you behind bars... so don't la. I see this
everywhere in town.. I only got to know the actual reason why
Thailand adore the King so much in my tour the following day.

went to eat something light at the Food Court in MBK. :D
they got so many stuff to choose from. though some has funny
names that doesnt fit the appetite. lol....
had Mango Glutinous rice again... and Crepe! not bad.


after that... went around shopp.. didn't buy anything in particular
since nothing much interests me... coz mostly women clothing
that maybe Tingy would go 'gaga' over... lol!

saw shops selling DVD and CDs... most of it is originals so juz
look see... was browsing around when I saw some pr0n movie CD
displayed on the rack juz like that. O.o?
wah. and i thought its condemned by the ppl there? lol.

walk.walk.walk.walk.. is all I did then...

skip the whole part. went back to Platinum Mall :D
this is where my said precious time is spent there... gawd.
and so went shopping around as said.. went row by row... and
part A and part B... the mall has two sides...



bought a feww tees. and bermuda shorts.. and darn.. shud have
got the jacket as well... swt.. afterall this went down for coffee
at Black Canyon... while sitting there- I actually dozed off. =.=

while leaving almost 8... saw lotsa nice tees. meh. wanted to get
one of those...


went back to hotel to change and shower.. out for dinner!
found a exquisite restaurant nearby.. its called Once Upon A Time
wooo~ it looked creepy from the outside. everything was dim.

(told ya its dim. cant see night mode)

and the restaurant is actually a house... full of portraits of ppl
from ancient Thailand i guess.. their rooms were creepy that I was
told better not snap. hhaha!

after the dinner.


left the place... went jalan-jalan again for the night..
nearby there is a night market...


after all that walking... went back towards the hotel and went
for foot reflexology again. hahah.!

tried a different place this time.. I feel its wayy better than before
and the
masseuse this time... is a DUDE! i think he's kinda on the
way to be an ahkua... coz he had long hair or some sort...
and the strength used was not too bad. since he's a guy... lol.
had a good time. =D

continue with the last chapter another time. :D

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