I know this maybe the millionth time I'm saying this
...too lazy to blog... gah!

BUT if I dont... I can't blog about anything else..
everything seems to be stuck in the head right now.. lol
waiting to be blogged.

some other stories to follow.. continue reading. lol


The following dayy... after all that shopping.. wuz nice.
juz if was done moderately that would be excellent... haha.

neway, the day before my mum and I signed up for a half-day tour
to the Floating Market of Damnoen Saduak... wayy out of the
busy busy city of Bangkok..

got up at freaking 6.30 a.m- its actually 7.30 Malaysia time
on the way we pass through some Royal City of Bangkok
coz there were lotsa monuments of Thailand's Royal family..

Thailand's King.Monument.

there were lots of those... coz the tour lady says we're nearby the
Royal Palace.. and we're about to leave Bangkok..
and yea- the place was SO FAR.. I was wondering..
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet????? =O


and I passed thru Chao Phraya river!! didnt get the pic coz the van
zoomed too fast.. lol. it was huge... that river is one of the most
important river for Thailand.. which also connects to Mekong river.
learned all these names in dreadful History...

the tour lady describes..
the ppl love and adore the Thai King very much as he contributed
part of his wealth to develop the rural areas... and have a deep
respect for him. and his consort is said to be one of the most
beautiful women...

Finally WE are there! :D


waited for our turn to get on the boaty...
and we're off~ its a speedboat.. and my bad for choosing the
back seat... swt. water splashing everywhere.. -.-


decided to snapp some photos first... hahah...
had to hold on to my cam tight.. wouldnt want it to fly out right?


hehehe... after reaching the Floating Market.. we hopped on another
boat to go around the market along the river...
my bad... it was so hot. didnt have a cap or a pair of shades...
gahhh- the scorching sun.. -.-


as time passes... the river actually gets so crowded with ppl...
or its actually crowded with boats.. ahahha!
since its a tourist destination. loads of souvenirs were sold
there on the boat or not.. and YES. its damn expensive.. so we
didn't bother to buy anything much but food...


and then yes, it got very hot...


they cook Thai delicacies on the boat itself.. and they sell fruits
also.. Thai Roasted Coconut is the nicest and sweetest of all coconuts..
the green one is not nice at all..


after all that.. went walkie-walkie along the riverside.. coz they
sold lotsa stuff.. after that, went back to the tour group and visited
another place...

went to the Elephant farm... which wasnt really interesting coz juz
sit on that big mammal... went to the Snake farm.. saw different
ypes of snakes and all the other details and mongoose!

poor Cobra.. kena bullied by the mongoose... It actually bit the
snakes mouth.. trying to break its fangs... it was literally running
away from the mongoose.. hahhaa...


and the rest was touring round the zoo...
they have crocs... and snake eggs all around the zoo..
after left the place to the some handicraft place...

where we switched vans to head back to Bangkok...

here it goes again~ LONG JOURNEY back... -.-
tried to sleep in the van but it wuz a bumpy ride...


reached the hotel... dunno how many hours after...
and then got ready to check out...

went to see the I.T Mall opposite the hotel. had A&W
and see other stuff for the last time... =/
I.T Mall had lotsa crap... so didnt spend much time there...
bought stuffs and a pair of shades... haha | finally.

around evening... left the hotel for the airport with a cab..
and it was jammed... swt. Its always jam over there...
used the highway... and zoomed to the airport...


hang around in the airport... checked in luggage and walked
around the airport... then- went to boarding gate...
looked around the duty-free outlets in the departure hall...


dunno what's the bg about actually... thought it was nice i juz
snapp... ahahah.. xD
after that walked towards the boarding gate... and wait to go on
the aircraft... was slightly delayed coz some passengers decided
not to board and their baggage needed to be removed...
and used the jetbridge... no stairs.. haha..


reached KL quite late.. about 1.00 a.m... hopped on AirAsia's
Skybus to KL Sentral to go home...

*jeng jeng jeng* here's the creepy part...

I went on the bus as normal la.. then it was about to leave..
my bad again. didnt have jacket. and it was freezing cold!!!

and this guy sitting in front of me started looking behind..
i mean... nothing la.. look behind see who right?
BUT i felt something was amiss.....

he started staring at me... =O
ZOMG. I dont know him. (ppl dont stare at ppl you dont know)
the whole freaking freezing journey he kept staring back at
me repeatedly.. I gave the "what do you want?" look...

AND all he does is- SMILE!

ohhh. so weird. that i couldn't sleep the whole journey..
coz something bad might happen since the gap between the chair
is wide!

He even tried giving me his phone number and show it to me...
O.o? something is wayy
wrong already. he maybe that kind.
wtf right? go hit on someone your type... -.-
Seems to me. Thailand isn't the only creepy place.
Malaysia is TOO!

kayy. that concludes Bangkok's awesome trip...
and should be kicking off with 2008 post very so0n... xD

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