the New Year post....
fine. I celebrated this year's New Year quite moderately...
nothing big. the crowd was overwhelming... lol.

BU area wuz packed to the brim... since cars were parking almost
to every corner of everywhere. thus causing jams and all....
went to 1 Utama at first... as usual- there's nothing there
i mean the New Year feel...

Year after year.... Its always the Curve and its surroundings catches
most of the attention... went to grab Starbucks first before heading
to Curve to meet-up with Jeremy and Asterisk.

[skips the whole story-telling]

the view wasn't too bad... since the place we're at was juz beneath
the fireworks display... ahahahah! and definitely- better than 1U
and even longer...
1 Utama started blasting off the fireworks on time. Curve fireworks
waited till its over to grab the attention. lol.

there were lotsa couples smooching away. O.o?
while going back. traffic jam again. xD


I happen to realize legally 18 is juz about to end... haha.
a random friend asked- chances of me having a party again this
year. wo0t!! XD

i think its nice to have one but the hassle that comes along with that
which I rather not have..
gah! the planning. the guest list. the venue.
too much hassle. I'm quite a bad planner u know. esp when its CNY time.
and deciding celebrate after or before the actual date -.-

which reminded me. CReamy's B'Day is earlier than mine!!!
but based on my observation- chance of party = nil. *wEEeEeEeee*
then *kena whack*

but IF were to celebrate. can make up for last year that YiNky and Kaka
weren't around.
lol. can go Laundry again. ahahahah~
then again- might juz settle with a normal dinner and a few friends or
probably with family.

buy my own cake. blow the candles on my own cake. sing myself a B'day song. lastly- eat my own cake.

and probably go emo on.. how sad my life is with the cake all to
myself... hahahaha

College starts on Monday. add and drop subj week
which means:: almost time to study my ass off~
and results... haiz. i wonder where i'll stand when 70marks is a pass
plus have to take stupid LAN. -.-

ttfn. tell me about get a life.
lol. badminton match tomorrw morning =D