I'm tired.

Had a whole days class from freaking 9.00 a.m... continue with
another class until 4.00 p.m AND another class until 6.00 p.m

and had to rush my ass to work after that. my bad for assuming
the schedule inaccurately. all because of LAN and ADP's last minute
release of schedule.

Total subjects taking is 4 ADP subj and 2 LANs.
taking MUET in replacement for TOEFL. and to get exemption for
BM for LAN. and........

...to study my ass off~


Therefore, I solemnly swear I will quit my mundane job.
which i have not given my notice of quitting yet. I will...

oh. I made a tub of Egg Mayonnaise today. IT tasted SO good.
omg. nex will be Chicken Mayo. xD

Let others take over. since they maybe of better potential
though they're just newbies in the sandwich-making arena...
By end of January- its been a long 6 months with them.

I'll miss the sandwiches. I realllyyy do... =/
gahhh- I'll make my OWN! grr!

tired of calculating the salary every month. as if I'm some payroll
assistant of some sort. did I mention- they're quite stingy in
a way... that they must deduct this and that "unintentionally"
until i write an e-mail demanding them to pay.

wtf right? Kristine has quit the job earlier already. no motivation.

quit lor. 'nuff said

AND study! Spring Semester is uber crucial to my petty life now
cannot get C anymore(70 m).

Target: its B and above.(meaning >80)


LAN for both Moral and Pengajian Am started off so boring I
started to doze off... or maybe because its the last subj of the
day and the class wasn't at its conducive condition.

its packed with ADP and Engineering students..
got chair. no table.. O.o?

k. gotta blast.
work at 1 tomorrow.

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