wo0t! i'm in my 2nd week of my semester
and ppl are already talking about holidays... -.-

CNY holidays. angpau time.
haven't got much clothes for CNY anyway. lol.
LAN classes for CNY week has already been cancelled.
and duh- gotta replace it....

and they're planning a field trip!! for ADP students =D
its some random island. near Redang i think..


Sad to hear from my dean that MIS major is not offered anymore
which really puts me in a state of confusion whether or not
my subject options are following new structure or old structure.


this week is my last week with O'Briens. and I'm on shift duty
tomorrow. swt. and mustardQueen- you have not claimed your
pressie for like 1 month+ already -.-
expire already can?

i realize i'm- that antisocial. wad? i've always been so, ok..
my environmental chemistry class has new intake students...
as usual- new students will always look as if they're lost.
I didnt bother to talk to them. lol they muz be wondering
hey weirdo. i'm here ok. wtf? k.i'll at least say hi then.

classes nowadays start at 9.00 a.m early like omg.bbq!
last semester was 10.00 a.m.. every morning rushing to coll
with all those working ppl. and LDP muz always jam like crap
all 3 days in a week I got class at 9.00 a.m -.-

how lar my life?

gtg sleep. ttfn.

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