I see my assignments and projects piling up like anything
its the 3rd week of the semester- no wonder.

both LAN subjects.Chemistry.Intro to Computers.Expository

i have AMPLE time to finish em' off i guess... if these divinations
are correct. i should have. minus the slacking.
its only due after CNY and i have most classes cancelled.

except for Intro to Computers and Environmental Chemistry -.-
which i will attend without my groupmates. they balik kampung

Currently reading: Neil Gaiman- Stardust. :D

went to Pyramid2 the other day to try J.CO Donuts...
seriously- publicity makes it sooo overrated. like its dang nice
BUT versus BigApple.

It tasted quite the same . smells the same . lo0ks quite the same

BUT again- price difference. 1/2 dozen only cost 9.9 in BigApple
but J.CO cost 11.5 for the same 1/2 dozen.

then again, its a rough estimation. since i didnt get my rightful
portion therefore I feel its the same. who knows?
probably i should get like 1 dozen.. and munch on each of it. xD


well. I didnt go all the way to near-to-hell, Sunway juz to eat
donuts right?? lol.

I went to Sunway Lago0n with the gang~!!

one.of.the.first.to.enter- the duck!

pose with the blue duckling.. coz we're quite early. there was
no one. hahhaha

so, went play with the water rides as usual... everything was
much fun. lol. some of the rides sadly were under maintenance.
i was surprised the pirate ship now goes 360 degrees! =O

wooo~ last time was like swinging only.


sad case. the
Pterodactyl i was on refused to fly.. kept spinning
around there at the bottom... -.-


famous spot for photo-taking. my camera failed on me. so had
to use cameraphone... -.-
took this before heading to waterpark. no waterproof cam la.

had uber lots of fun. =D


need to learn to cut down on the having fun part.
and study seriously. *kena whack by keyin. -.-


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