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Happy Birthday to ME!~

-Officially a naughty nineteen... gah. so close to number 2 d. >.<
lol. nvm.. Yunxin will be joining the nineteen gang so0n. tmrw. xD

nonetheless. everything went smoothly. I dang anxious wey. wait
for food to cook and start eating... staring at the pot!

WHEN. *jeng jeng jeng*

Creamy stepped in with this huge box.




I cant remember wad I wish for actually. hahaha. was like in
a hurry to blow it off... lol. XD
me and yunxin. coz my b'day falls on 7th Feb while her's on 8th Feb
right after the other. hehe.


yeppp.. was glad I don have to buy myself a cake, sing myself a
song and eat my own cake. BUT to share it with everyone that
made all the difference really made my day. =] *togetherness. haha.

continue steamboating while snapping fotos. hahaha.
keyin had a experiment to mix eggs put soysauce and pepper
into the soup... haha.
I juz had to burst into laughter when it looked as though she
poured the whole bottle of pepper into it. ZOMG! rite? haha.
coz the bottle had a big hole. she didnt see- voila!
everyone on the table survived. lol


besides my hobby of poking... I played Gotcha with the nex table
hahaha. as notty as I Am. I was dared to break an egg in the pot.
everyone started doing this....

Take.cover!!-Shaun's at the helm.

Good la.. the nex table have nothing to worry. hahaha. but this table
kena gotcha at coz the egg was just a shell... phew.. but...
wah. Creamy's friend dared me to break a real one. OK! fine with me
I love challenges... so I got a real egg this time. and I really broke it.
ahahah. Hang Woon also scared d... lol


Tingy sez egg is good for the skin. lol. Even Yunxin's clapping.
hahaha. Kaka filming the act of egg breaking. heh.




so after all the fun... decided to retreat to Creamy's house..
hahah. so to chat around for a while... listen to emo pianist playing
play Creamy's computer.. and Kaka's interest in the fotos. lol?
and also to eat cake!

and snapp fotos again. xD



and I thought Yunxin very pantang take photo of 3... lol
anyway. I like this pic. coz it has some kind of 'balance' =D

bon app├ętit! Ting's idea.lol

Tingy's idea of the 'bon appetit' pose... LOL. and I'm actually
in this pic. bwahahahahaha.. xD shud pose oishi!
nice one.

Group picture!

After all that.. we all started to head back homeee...
seriously- it was late.. I left Creamy's place almost 1 a.m
road also less cars d. hahaha.

With YunXin. =P

With Creamy/Ze Wei. =D

With Kaka.the.Notty.xD

Credits to::
CreamyChin & Associates (Organizer)
Hui Ting (Fab photographer)
Kaka (Entertainment/Photographer)
and... everyone else that simply made the day totally fabulous.

Thats it for today.
Still got loads of updates lined up.
and more pix to0!

Happy Chinese New Year!
everyOne.. =]

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