MIA for a week+... loads of quizzes and assignments due.
and my Friendster has over a 100 views? O.o

I stil got Basic Composition II assignment due Friday on
MLA Style (Modern Language Association)
- which i know nuts about it. -.- and quiz tomorrow for both
LAN subjects. plus to start on Chemistry project which is outdoors!
for the first time. and the week after nex is Mid-terms... gah.


This happened a week+ ago.

The gang- me, Jeremy, Rick and Sean travelled all the way to
KL's International Airport (KLIA) to surprise Mr. Goodie boy, zu0-zuo
it was pre-planned with his sister so that we'd meet-up...
Scott gave this plan a 75% rating. meh.

anyway, we travelled first to the airport around 3 o'clock met at
KL Sentral to catch a 4 o'clock coach to KLIA. cost 9bux/way.
the bus wasn't too bad. quite fast too. exactly 45mins after we left,
we arrived the bus terminal at the Main Terminal Building.

So, its obviously so early that we went to have a drink and walk
around the airport. It was rather quiet. lol... not too busy kind.
I think Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok is busier.

Went to KFC to sit while waiting for tzuoo and his family to arrive.
I printed some photographs earlier and Jeremy bought a card
so we started writing "goodbye with care messages" LOL.
Rick's msg was rather emo. and I glued the photo on the card :D
& putting a note hoping he'll remember to send- postcards back!

Huey msg-ed me and we went to meet them...
there was a briefing by AFS and we all waited, it took bloody long
and had to meet at boarding gate by half an hour later. -.-
Hahaha.. Tzuoo was eventually shocked when I was standing
there and the others that came together... lol. It felt good.
Surprise a success! xD


then we all zoomed down to have a quick snack... his dad was
already waiting for us... his mum was expressively worried for him.
that made me rather intimidated. haha. wait! I'm getting used to it.
LOL. I'd be worried anyway if I were in her shoes.

Scott printed a banner for Tzuoo with family and friends pics.
forgot to take a pic of it... haha. and we signed on it =]
again with heartfelt messages. xD 1 year oni mar.
after having Malaysia's roti telur. and teh tarik... we had to
zoom once again to the departure gate.

final.photo! =/

Took a family and friends photo.. and we prayed for him led by
Scott with all of us around Tzuoo.

His family.with.parents
Huey.and .zuo-zuo. and.ah yew

Finally, its time for Tzuoo to leave... after countless of farewells
we all jointly had for him.. soon to realize, he's expression kinda
changed. I noticed from the photos below. haha.
everyone got a goodbye gesture from him.

with Jeremy

Tzuoo with his posing happy face

and.me. =] there's Scott on the right

not too bad la Huey take pics.. hahaha. Scott has yet to send
me da pix. -.- he used dSLR which may be better. 3MB each?
omg. per photo.

least Tzuoo tried to show he's happy. which I'd think is probably
otherwise. ahaha. time for him to grow up and be serious. lol
coz no ones gonna look out for him over there... its not that bad.

Soon he left. felt a tad of sad feeling... tried to convince myself
that its 1 year oni mar... -.-"
the gang decided to follow him up to the boarding gate. coz KLIA
has the viewing observatory... Rick got a newspaper and made
a heart shape out of it so that he'd see.

knocking on the glass and using our cam flashlight
get his attention. Jeremy said obviously he's distracted by the
pink hooded girl... lol

which at LONG LAST, he looked up! smiling. =D
seeing his 4 friends waving in earnest from up above... Y^o^Y
hope he's happy knowing that he has such great friends. haha

he went to the boarding gate while we went to the observatory
to see all the planes. xD
he leaves at 8.20 p.m.. so we hung out at the observatory til right
before he leaves.. we on the other hand have a bus to catch

least- this wasnt as sadcase as Singapore students farewell... -.-
coz no one sobbed in the airport... just a tinge of sadness.

but I wouldnt know about the one 'on the plane'. lol

SEe ya 1 year later!

Friends forever!

UPDATE: Hahaha. Tzuoo juz came online and sent a testi on
Friendster. and we chatted a lil' bit. =]


Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress
Just tell him to the left left left (zuo,zuo,zuo. lol)
Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress
Cause we gone & we gone & we gone
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you deserve nothing but the best
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you need to tell him…

-From J-Mac's newest single, Leavin'

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