and so I decided to bloggg again today...

long overdue. this happened before CNY. and I waited till today
oni blog about it. LOL. anyway, here goes.


My birthday surprise was on Saturday. I was invited to another
party on the nex day, Sunday. I spent the whole day there.. haha
- I had pure FUN. I know, I know, I might kena whack by keyin
for having fun again. -.-

So went to play basketball in the morning at his place. together
with Alex and da gang. hahaha. I'd thought its the last we're gonna
play. but we played the other day anyway. lol xD

Cut the story short- I hanged out at his place until the party starts.

Played PS2. lol whatever racing, fighting and all.. also got play

you'd be surprised to know who's kids were those. unless you're
clever enough to guess.. lol
and so. everyone started coming and got lotsa ppl. and they
started to get ready to eat.


ok la... before that I was surprised coz they came. but actually
wasnt surprised coz I knew they were coming. lol.
Teachers came! hahahaha... It was Pn. Wong Yen Chen and
Pn. Wong Lee Ling. Both taught me before.
for EST and English. haha.

they saw me and asked- eh? you're here also ah?

Nothing changed. they're still the same ol' teachers I knew back
then... and then started to mingle around. had a few words with
them and they brought their kids. the two boys earlier and girls

Forgot to mention the objective of this farewell. haha.
- Tzuoo leaving for Germany for a year! heh. 1 year oni mar
Under the AFS program to live with Germans. His host family
seem not too bad.. haha. xD

So started off with a prayer. and started eating. haha.
after few rounds.. we all settled down.. and played games.
treasure hunt and Mafia.

Had loads of fun with the Mafia game. =]


Tzuoo started distributing presents to everyone after we gave
him a present paid by a few of us.. haha.


reminds me of Christmas. haha. I got a FISH! shocking right? lol.
the one i'm holding in the picture. Rick got a bible. hahaha.
so, later on we stayed to play PS2 again and chat around. :D
before leaving.


pic from previous trip to Coffee Bean together with Tzuoo and
Jeremy at SS2.. Murni got loads of ppl. change plans. lol

ok. thats for today. =]

Bon Voyage Tzuoo! he's leaving on Valentine's Day. xD
1 year oni mar.


BUT it can be dreadful long OR short =/
I'm gonna miss going out as a gang.

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