so, I'm typing this for the 2nd time. -.- dumb blogger crashed
on me yestd night while typing such an in depth entry, I'll probably
try to recall abit. lol.

February is so hectic.
WHY? So many events.happenings.FUN
I like FUN. fun has no emo in it. so it makes it all fun. =]

Just got over with ENG102 presentation on MLA Style of Writing
Lecturer was satisfied and happy with the outcome. *more marks pls. TQ.
Stil got debate coming up very soon for the same subject as well -.-"
been having Statistics quizzes for the past 2 classes and nex week
stil got MORE.

Nex week is Mid-terms already. but only for Stats- other classes are on
as usual including Malaysian studies and Moral.
Chemistry and Intro to Computers assignment is DUE. 2 weeks after
Mid-terms.... Why both? coz same lecturer. die.


Today I went to watch Jumper with Jeremy at GSC. I got this msg
frm Anisha saying she misses everyone. O.o? Got no idea what I
shud be replying so I did not reply...
Forwarded it to Yean. and it made her emo. for some apparent reason
that I just got to know.. lol?

Anyway, Jumper was not bad. quite ok... though I think the book should
be better, i think? later on went dinner and played foosball and snooker....
it was like WAH! uber satisfying. I needed to destress.
so yea... it was addictive, I didnt feel like leaving the place... hahaha.

Nowadays I dont feel emo... instead it's as though I'm going through
something very profound
. listening to Avril's emo songs- not working!!
and I keep feeling happy? i think most of the time... or I'd just
be feelingless... weird huh? sounds like a state of denial.

gah.. I've been shoving Mr. Emo into the closet locked with the key thrown
. and move on... as if it never happened.
Alot of you may come upfront asking why emo? I dont quite have the
answer.. haha. & no, i'm not living in the world of my own.

Feel free to leave a note.

anyway, there's this freshie in my Statistics class... a girl, whom sometime
asks things and I dont know why- I'd be attracted to look behind; I sit
in front. THEN, she'd look at me, and I'd smile =D I'd look a lil longer...
and then smacks myself back to work. xD
at least- I know her name... haha.

and I went to some ul
u faraway place called Sg Gabai, Hulu Langat to do
my Chemistry Group project last Wednesday.
luckily my groupmate drove us there... haha.

it was fun and tiring...

the next few weeks until week 10 will be time to finish assignment
and week 12 to prepare for presentation. -.-


It's time I needed a guide to life?

k. thats for now...

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