okay. I actually convinced myself to do this entry
wtf right? pajamas is cool. hahahaha.

These days I've been sleeepping VERY late at night...
2 a.m... 3 a.m... you name it.

its SO LATE. that you can see me dozing off during class the
nex day. -.- Already got to be up by 7 a.m, then rush to college...

while studying ALSO can *poof* into dreamland ok!



I knew its too good to be true!! starting to have insomnia d...
dei! How la my life?? sleep also kenot.

yeah. Get.A.Life!

then I read from websites and thought apa ni? Rumors have been
circling that THEY can sleep better with CHIPSTER! wtf?
me wanna try ehhh..


I got a chipster...! muahahaha...
opening it up. munching it alll....


Sleepless nights no more...

coz I sleeep better with Chipster! xD


now hopefully I can get a ticket for Nuffie's birthday bash and
bring a friend along. lol (aftr Mr. Lonely, ok) -.-
anyone else going????