wo0t. update. update...

this week is such a busy week. I despise it.
now more despising that I'd have to face the sucky travelling
all the way to Subang every single weekday this week.

I so tak syok d. -.-"
RAIN just made it worse to da max.

anyway, I still have numerous assignments to complete.
a combo of 2+2 assignments due nex Tuesday. Thankfully- I'm
feeling much better today. go
t sick juz wasted 1 day -.-

everyone feels duper tensed. so unimaginable.. I tend not to
show it out. keep cool.... coz thou shall chill!
and still... assignments are in da making... lol.


on a lighter note, Tzuoo called me last week while I was preparing
for Stats exam the nex day... LOL. very unexpected. greeted me
with Guten Tag. hahaha. He's having Easter holidays now...
together with Egg hunting. xD He's also travelling to Berlin for a
school trip in July. uber cool. =D

I noticed this semester.
I begin to notice the other side of my college mates... lol
particularly those I have classes most with and meet more often.
the side I never knew existed. lol.

camwhore.*she might squeal like a girl if she know this is here.

typical. like how they like camwhoring.. occasionally
and one such an attentionwhore. =.=
imagine me, being a guy. I often feel I'm being in the wrong place
at the wrong time. Eg: They'll ask ppl what brand of car others drive
Go figure. not dissing them but its a fact la.
-- Yean/YX! Explain abit.. is this some Venus kind of thing?
i know Mars don have such. XD

&yea. its their 'the other side' I never knew before.
and they claim I know everyone. and how they are so low profile
LOL. thats true la to a certain extent. I have contacts- most are just
acquaintances... anyway- my group mates are great ppl seriously.
haha =D

the wonders of meeting and knowing different people.
and peculiar ones as well- some watch movie alone. O.o very sad la.
**tell me if you do k... Ask me out I'd be a companion. xD

long overdue.

my college's CNY Lion Dance. LOL
they even went up to ADP floor... haha.

Faculty Lecturers. xD

I think they're all here? lol. using my phone cam not that clear le
and launching of ADP/UIU's 2008 theme..

Finally. All the Best to those taking SPM/O Level results tomorrow.
I know Jeremy, Alex, Tzuoo, TseHan, ZhanHong, Sean, Mandy...
and my college freshies- Eugene.. ect.
*Tzuoo noted- no peeking in his results! bwahahaha..

Tomorrow going for Ultimate Frisbee!! xD damn fun k. seriously.
hope it doesnt rain. -.-"


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