and so I decided to blog today.
many did the post about the party already.

Now I can sleep better after 2 sleepless nights. doing assignments until
freakin' 5.00 a.m just to get it done. -.-


Last Saturday was Nuffnang's Birthday bash at Borneo Baruk Club way
down in KL... gah. It was raining right before I left to meet up with
Ting coz her sis's bf fetching all of us down to KL :)

Who even spikes their hair before going to sleep??
ME!! XD Good question. lol
Why aren't you wearing your pajama?
coz I have none. does that mean I sleep nude? ahahah.

Blur. coz dunno where to register.
Met Yee Hou at the counter. It was a long invitation list I dunno where
to look.. lucky he remembered my URL surprisingly.

I went to meet up with Su Ling who was earlier than me.. ahaha.
then met Boonage, Thomas and Johnathan.
chill la at the back for a while since it starts at 7.

take photo abit. talk abit. chat abit...
they had FREE flow of Heineken. I couldn't finish it and drank only
half. lol. Champion la Ting and Su Ling finished it. xD
I drink lotsa coke on the other hand...

it started off with the opening speech lah. with all the Nuffie's
right in front... I see various types of pajamas. LOL
from only boxers and singlets to normal casual wear...

I had a fair share of having fun and not-so-fun. coz I
  1. Wish I had OPEN my mouth and talk more. instead of shy-ing away
  2. Wish had taken more fotos with various ppl.
  3. Wish I found JANE!? (I was Tarzan) which I did not. she died aldy gah.
    can I find another Tarzan instead? lol.
  4. basically not getting to know more ppl =/

Kenny Sia stripped coz he was late!! LOL. He like chill only. I'm
still wondering why the MC is putting that thing there. haha.
before that dinner was served. haha.

I saw Dawn Yang and went ZOMG. OMG. O.O
It was totally wow. She's dang pretty eh.. who cares real or not.
she's HOT.

she was quite patient with a long line of ppl wanting to camho with
her... ahaha.. its like lining up to take pic with her.. lol
worth the time :D

Dawn & Xiaxue.

Then they had random activities.. to earn Nuffnang dollars to bid for
various items... ahaha. Someone paid 8K for Dawn Yang's kiss. LOL
She said he's not dressed properly. SO he stripped. xD


Nuffie's gave Timothy and Ming underwears. LOL...
and they wore it on stage... haha.

Blow candle!

The SuperChipter woman who also made customized pillows with
the Chipster brand... she won a iPod i think..

This dude- Johnathan... won the Mac Book. zomg. Chipster filled his room
After that was all bidding with Nuffnang dollars for plugs in Xiaxue
and Kenny Sia's blog. and also Lumix cameras. Soon after, finish
aldy the event...

Surprised to see Billy too.. my classmate for Stats and fellow Frisbee
team mate. His sister is Skyler who works for Nuffnang... no wonder
la.. free tix. haha..


After party. managed to say Hi to pOp and Robb..

Without Mr Robb nice guy who's not-so-fat-afterall too, I wouldn't know I'm
even invited to the party. lol.. coz I didnt receive the invitation. xD
sad enough. didnt take pix with you guys too and Gingerbread Man.
stil got lotsa memory space left lah. -.-

Chill at the bar for a while before leaving... had coke

They gave us this... and a Chipster!
Happy belated B'day Nuffnang!

UPDATE: The Star newspaper online reports on Nuffnang's Pajama party

a topless Nuffie blogger named Robb was featured. bwahahaha
someone's proud.XD

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