I know late posting. xD been busy

As a Nuffnang Glitterati member... Got invited to a press screening
of Death Note 3: L Change The WorLd..
Since I've watched the first two... the nex sequel is a must..

Thanx to Nuffnang and Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Malaysia.
for the opportunity to attend this press screening...
(do pick me for the nex screening xD)


Well, from the previous movie.. Light Yagami aka Kira died as the
Shinigami wrote his name in the Death Note.. and L got hold of
both Death Notes. the story continues from here...

In this part of the sequel. the focus is on L mostly OR revolves
around him... haha
yeps- its all about him. =]

Misa Amane

She only appeared once in the WHOLE film... -.-
too much details, no?

the chan kai mui..

This villain girl here damn ganas... whack ppl brutally like anything
omg. even Michelle agrees... hahahah

As we all know... he likes everything sweet.. =D
He has a mysterious look.. haha.

Emo L.

To wrap it up... I hope there isn't much spoilers.. haha.

Fans of Death Note- Its worth to go watch this movie.. least you'd
know what happens at the end. esp ppl like ME- who dont read the manga.
and I know how it goes- which isn't too bad..

Newbies of Death Note- go watch the first two movies. then watch this

so yeahh- Rating: 3/5


Bloggers and Nuffnang Liaisons!
[L-R] Sasha - ME - Michelle - Joshua - Robb - Charity - Simon

Michelle . Joshua . Kenny . Me

We went for lunch at Sushi Zen, The Gardens...

Left 5 of us. xD

Lunch was good... not too pricey and food was not badd...
they didnt have a proper table... so it was like chatting from one
end to the other.. xD

Robb pokes his temaki sushi? Michelle observe. lol

While on the way back.

Spotted a durian cake stall! hmm. someone is a fan towards durians...

Who else but Robb?.. lol. actually I like durian too. which reminded me
that its been a long time since I've eaten one. =/
He dem happy :) haha. but it was 4 bux for 2 tiny pieces! gah..

but I feel Yik Kee's durian tart and durian cake is probably nicer?
i tried it before in Gohtong Jaya and Taman Tun... hehe. nice man


All in all, I enjoyed the movie and outing with Nuffnang liaisons
and other bloggers... and also getting to know them =]
haha. it wuz kewl. fun. and not so awkward... xD

Photo credits: Buena Vista, Charity

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