wokay. Today's a random entry and photos that are overly delayed...

I skipped Ultimate frisbee practice today- Wednesday. hahaha. after much
persuasion from friends. simply coz I don't want to reach home at 10.00 p.m
wtf right? 10 pm wor... why so long?

For the record, it takes me 2 hours ONE WAY to go to Subang from
my place.. but on best effort basis, its likely 1 hour.

so the frappucino-ing (hitched frm Su Ling) bus ride is 4 hours DAILY. omg.
I can go back to Ipoh lepak there and come back. -.-
therefore, there are times I simply cant take it coz my time is wasted.


The Good-looking guy

Meet Kenny. Supposedly "the special someone" introduced by my
friend, Meng Yean. oh. how photogenic he was. He doesn't mind
ppl blogging about him too.

Then I was thinking- how she'd met quite a good-looking guy. OMG
little did I know it was him. haha. I too personally feel he has the looks.
Hui Ting was so ready to go stalk him... LOL

He's actually Ken'ichi Matsuyama a.k.a L in Death Note. OK!!!
I know. wth. I watched Death Note 3: L Change The WorLd also
didnt quite help in recognizing him -.- *kena whack.

I'm not so observant la when it comes to guys. lol.
he's hot and good-looking, no?

so. kudos to Meng Yean in fooling some of us. xD
glad that you officially found a Japanese guy that is H.O.T

kena GOTCHA. :)

Anyway, here's 2fotos of Intercultural Comm's event on Wednesday

Thai Booth.

LOL. random

and other performances. haha. I stayed till 8.00 p.m...
thats was after a long day- right after Death Note press screening, i
went for this..

Basic Composition II debate. xD

Sasha and ME behind. xD

the judges were evaluating the debate teams while we camwhore.
photos thanx to Su Ling.

My team already completed the debate. not too bad!! Mr. Francis says
although majority deny abortion to be legalized, our team made it quite
convincing. yey! :D

Chemisty project campaigns.

At the science lab.

ADP students don use the lab but we went there to do the project
haha. the only lab that doesnt have lab coats.. -.- sad case.
so, we took the protective glasses. haha

The girls that participated in our booth game.

omg.omg. Joanne too!! the middle one. xD I spoke to her at long last
during Statistics class.. haha. small talk tho. I notice she likes to
wear MNG.

Err. you do not need to point out how observant I am. I'm already slapping
myself. xD


I'm too free today. i'm slacking. not productive and etc.
Tonight going to watch movie- Awake in 1Utama... lol.

Thursday is also another free day. gah- I vow to do some studying!


Preview of what am gonna post nex. when I got ample time. haha

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