That's life for you..

Life isn't a plate of well prepared breakfast served to you in bed
the scramble egg would just be too soggy, the bacon burnt to crisps
and the orange juice with too much pulp.
that's the reality in life..


As anticipated, the day where parents kick me out of the house. However,
not that I'm on drugs nor did anything against the law to deserve that.
Is this Total freedom?. Is life more fulfilling that way? No more boundaries.
No more instructions, No more restrictions or whatsoever..

Setbacks as they are, being financially cut; no more allowances or swiping
credit cards as part of living expenses. Facing forth is undoubtedly a mighty

Then again, am I truly prepared to face the world? Being a mere adolescent
having only the fundamentals of education, zero financial independence and
no shelter or base of refuge. Soon I'd have to look a job only to keep one

As anticipated again, I am not left penniless. Thankfully being able to secure a
temp job in the past and the dough that comes with it; will probably keep
me alive for weeks. Where to now? do I wonder on the streets like wondering
humans? or do I sleep on the streets or along the subway?

Do I continue studying as well? Ultimately, they might not continue to finance
my education. Neither if its affordable in any way that I'd be able to self-finance
it. So they say, there is a whole world for you to venture and discover. Probably settle down until I am ready to bear the cost of education and part-time studying would be an ideal option but unfortunately time-consuming.

Guess this is it- the rainy day. Nevermind the half past six umbrella that I was
ought to be prepared with before it rains. Due to the fact that is too late now.
If you would think I could possibly count on my friends, I feel otherwise.
Who wants a friend who was flying high initially, and at the end- doomed in
his pitfalls of despair? Moreover, they might think of me sponging on them.
Couldn't you agree more?

Confused and lost.
How would life turn out to be from this point of time?

Whoever said that life was fair? when you lived without a care.