wo0tt.. I'm bak from KL International Book Fair 2008 at PWTC.
the yearly event.. that I never fail to go.. LOL.
(not that I read alot of books, anyway)

I get to meet lotsa ppl.. every year in KLIBF. the same and new ppl
Its kinda like once a year meeting, sort of thing. lol xD
Those coming from Singapore. yea- I meet them during this time..
and when it's over- see you like NEX year..wth!

Met a friend, the wise guy.. Its been a year since I've seen him although
we're just a call away and we live not too far. We don't meet-up and
only meet during the exhibition...

but was chatting away non-stop like there's no tomorrow.. xD

It felt like it was just yesterday I've seen these ppl..
(in reality- it was last year)

you a FAN of books??

Bookworms! There are RACKS of 'em... this is just several booths. imagine
the few hundreds of booths... lol

Didn't have the chance to browse around much. Was at foreign exhibitor's
floor... they have a wide selection but kinda expensive esp. reference books.
went looking for Accounting Principles book. It cost 600+ bux. omg

I is Fair exhibitor. my taggie

I met Mr. Rahmu, the lecturer. today.. so random. he wuz standing
nex to the booth I was at.. lol He's quite okla despite his x-rated jokes
and I still anger him for not giving me A for Management. -.-

You should be at the exhibition if you enjoy reading books. hahaha
Its on until this Sunday. =] I'll be there again tomorrow. lol
sry for lack of photos. weird la if I go photo-taking everything.


Nuffnang invite me to go DIGi Reload Media Launch.. can't go sadly
got class -.- and Finals are coming. Have to finish syllabus too

gah. humbug


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