gah. long time no update. been working ok!
and lazy too... -.-

oh well. Book Fair ended last Sunday and started packing up all the
tonnes of books... then Monday prepare the cartons for transporter
to get the books..

I found this book quite interesting - Manga Shakespeare.
lol. I don read manga so... kinda first time reading it for fun.

Bookfair. every year also the same. I'm so used to it already.
but I often have mix feelings after the fair. I dunno why. lol.
its like a video recording being played year after year.

Back in college. everyone felt relaxed except me. Something was
bothering me on the other hand.. coz I dunno think about what.
HLML!? damn tulan.

not that I'll tell it out here anyway. I bottle it up.

the darn thing about the mind- it will scrounge on the same thing
and coming up with weird outcomes as solutions. kinda annoying eh
As it continues, I'll try to let it be until I get over it. -.-"

frustrating! 'nuff said..

OH GRAVITY! I'm talking to myself somewhat often..
.stressed even before Finals? crap.


What a rude shock last Tues to see that the whole class were
all girls.. until Vinod came in, I was relieved. xD
Don't get me wrong but having girls around is superbly great.
esp when Joanne is around!! XD but that was in Computer class

half were chinese-speaking ones. another quart. were indians and
another quart. I dont talk to. rest that I'll casually talk to.
i need a gf. lol

oh nvm. I don't exactly have a point here.
Girls only can talk gossip, make up, guys, gossip more. shopping.
thats about it.

Can talk about computers? latest gadgets? cars perhaps? movies?

So. there you go... go figure.


Anyway. got no time to fret about it. NO TIME!!
Final exam is omg soooo soooooo coming..

nex week ok! gah.

starting off with LAN subjects on "Saturday!" wtf? yes.
12-2, 3-5

tulan right? btw, ADP exam schedule also not out..

tomorrow- Ultimate Frisbee BBQ Party!! =D
this weekend going bak Ipoh..
nex week is study week.

P/S: delay.. will blog about my intern thingy nex week! xD

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