- pls Nang this post! :)

(this post is sort of a RECAP- just so you know)
a SUPER LONG entry

last last last week...
I got a letter frm my previous company

what I got was my EA form... for some income tax purposes but
my salary is not taxable (of course)
also got my EPF statement, at last- about the same time.

anyway. here's how I got the job. lol... I was somewhat quiet about
getting this job. look in my archives you'd see some entries but
stil there's lotsa info I didn't disclose then. haha.

After SPM... I started rotting at home- I tried scouting for a job. lol

I started off here at Jobstreet.com
Something different this time. I want to learn something new.
Doing retail was kinda last season. but anyway- I had months to spare
so why not?

Sent my resume to several employers and got calls :D
for interview that LASTED for less than 10 minutes!
so, chat chat. ask ask.. and I got the job. salary was satisfactory.
so yey... my superior asked to report for work the following day.

&I turned down the job offer frm Citibank. coz the token was low?
(nono.. I accepted the job in Ekowood aldy, they were late oni)

so, my first day was absolutely everybody great.. ppl were nice..
basically did everything basic... rest of the time play computer. lol
little did I know- the worst has yet to come. xD

Got my offer letter prepared by the secretary and then sign on the
spot. My responsibilities is Accounting and general admin stuff..
and yea- i'm posted in the Accounts dept.

For instance, I keep the company's chequebook. xD
mainly HSBC.. (lol.. keep oni. kenot sign -.-)

I issue payments for invoices and check then reimburse staff claims.
record accounts receivable payments and get it banked in and fiddle
around with MYOB software... those were the easy stuff.
Sales managers often claim aimlessly. SO I JUST CUT LAR.

Not-so-easy stuff were calculating STAIRCASES! =.="
all the FRs and SFs.. gah. why bother calculating eh? coz these
contractors want to claim for work done. so, have to calc the info given
into standard payment rates. I despise doing this- the MOST.

I like to write cheques the most. hahaha.

again its write only.. not sign. =/ I only prepared payroll once only
coz the other staff not around. I get to see how much other ppl get
muahahaha. but its not to be disclosed la.
and to
get authorized signatory from company directors.. sometimes
they refuse to sign. -.- thats another hassle.

I must assure you doing all these require constant attention and
to be done carefully. ESP writing cheques. I remembr canceling dozens
cheques for various reasons. coz got kantoi..wtf?! and to avoid being
queried by internal auditors (coz its public listed). lol

(OH. how not to love my job)
besides, I get paid handsomely for the OT hours I put in. hahaha...
got one day I work till 9 p.m+ to pack with my colleague.. coz of this
worst of all. my dept has the most files... zzzz...

Notable events::

Celebrate Boss's Birthday. lol.

Bowling Tournament with our holding company, TSH
- my team was the winning team!!

Shift to new office along Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights


I likey the new office.. coz its fabulous. ajax fabuloso! xD

Camwhore with dear Cassandra during official opening. :D
Awww.. I miss the times with her. coz she used to dance her way to
the pantry... ahahahah. xD

Company photo with all staff... although CNY was way over then..
boss gave all the employees with BIG angpow. lol. seriously!

Office seating looked like this. which isn't too bad eh. fabulous.
this is on 11th floor. whereas i'm on 10th floor..

One of the display panels and the showroom itself cost thousands of RM
...coz I issued payments for its posh table lamps and ergonomic chairs
and others.. LOL. one boss refuse to sign the cheque coz of the amount. -.-

I like the showroom too coz it has a pool table, wine bar, theater room
and a mini gym. xD and its all paid by my poor company.

(OH! How not to love my job, again~)
There's this Nestle Coffee machine at the cafeteria that got me addicted
OHHHH... coffee!!! and mocha.milo etc. SO my occasional trip all the way
frm 10th floor to 1st floor- is to get COFFEE. =D *oni lunch time LAH. tsk

point proven by my colleague, MichelleSit. this is how I got bloody fat. crap

Nex task, I was put charge to dispose of everything in the old office.
selling off furniture and basically everything.. coz the unit is rented.
(1) Be friends with HR staff and Secretaries. they can do wonders!!
- got them to get company drivers to send me.. hahaha :)

My last day of work. They treated me to a farewell lunch at Peninsular
Hotel near office.. didnt bring cam -.- so came bak to office to take photo
haha.. it was late evening. left the office staff from various departments.
GM treated me at Fridays, BSC. lol

for a start and a long way to go.. this job roxx. =]
I learned alot about organization and other practical stuff...
from people I meet. I get best form of advice in the industry...

anyway unlikely fr me to be engaged with internships in the near future
coz my degree program structure had scrapped off the 'internship' module
and replaced it with 'special project'. =.="

ok. now bak to study. Final exam nex week. gah

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