Pls nang. :)

I'm finally updating! lol.. pardon the past week with no updates
*exams nearly killed the blogger...

will blog about exams later... and other stories.
I have lots of stuff to update on. its holidays anyway~
on a 3-week become 2-week semester break. tulan college.


Apparently I went to Mid Valley Megamall on Saturday. there was this
Fashion Show going on. Gardens at MV also had their own fashion show
with the latest apparels from various labels...

frankly, I don't go to MV. not to my liking unless I got things on there
anyway. college friends invited me to go as a post-exam celebration.
though its seriously nothing to celebrate about.
and I saw Creamy. was expecting to see kajang. but sadly disappointed
lol. xD

Went to San Francisco Steak House for lunch. gah- it was nex to
Kim Gary and I was dying to go
No pix. didnt take. lunch was mediocre. nothing to shout about.

My college friends, let's name them Pipo and Cyn. they had spilled
every ounce of gossip for me to listen. LOL! from people to current
affairs of the college. *how interesting*

ohhh yeah. Gossips. can't quite decide which sounds more interesting.
and juicy...

went walking around the mall. had Gelato. tried the fruit one..
not too bad. then went over to The Gardens to go walkaround.
before that. bought headphones from IT World.

Fashion show at the Gardens.

these were from the Gardens. I think its better than the ones in MV
coz here it looks classy and pretty. MV looks budgeted with models
that don't quite know how to walk 'properly' in heels. LOL
Clothings were from Isetan.

These were from Timberland. looked quite nice but kinda expensive
earlier ones from 3POINT6- had its appeal. not bad eh. not bad at all.
I wonder how they change so fast. lol

As usual, both Pipo and Cyn were busy admiring the models.pffft!!
might as well call it model show. Its the clothes you LOOK at..
Pipo the airhead was on Cloud9. -.-

I saw the same model again in 1 Utama. so I texted Chew.

=.=" stand beside him?.zzz

Ok. I think thats about it. had fun but was tiring.
Will tell more about Joanne soon. :D I made a small move. lol

Tomorrow off to KL for an interview. Pray I DONT get lost. xD
and Happy holidaying...


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