yeah baby. praise God. was informed today- I got the job =]
after the LOL.
(SEE! Claire. boo yah)

I woke up with the birds just to travel to KL for the job interview
somewhere in Jalan Raja Chulan.

was there early... filled up forms and proceed for interview.
quite a number of applicants besides me showed up... lol
so was briefed and told to go to Cyberjaya for 2nd interview..

I took the Monorail bak to Sentral. tulan signboard say Platform A
to KL Sentral but went to Titiwangsa. =.=" SO I WENT ALL THE WAY
and ALL THE WAY BACK... went sightseeing kononnya. GAH!

Went all the way to Cyberjaya... omg. dem far, further than hell (hell=SJ)
pass by so many tolls... zzzz... HLML?
right. shouldn't be complaining. who ask me want to work there.
anyway. journey wasn't too bad coz my mum needed to go Putrajaya
so she just dropped me off..

Most of the applicants were already there. though I wasn't late la.
wait around the lobby. I think the DHL building opposite looks nicer
LOL. waited for an hour until it was my turn. =/
they wanted to interview those with resume first..

I managed to update Twitter.. ahaha. got comp there

Some of the applicants were seen memorizing/'rehearsing' LOL.
so kiasu for wad? guess what! they didnt even ask a thing about the event
I was the youngest there I most of them were in their 20s

The interviewers asked alot about background info. esp my past working
experience. I guess it went well.. xD then I left after that.


and Tzuoo in Germany sent me a msg yesterday...

Guten Tag!
I have been living my life to the fullest everyday,hehe Adventure and journey
awaits you°°xP I sure have been very busy these days.I've been to places
where u wont imagine and is awesome! Yup conclusion=I'm doing and enjoying
like a maniac.Hehe,Ohh my BD is coming up too,I will have a party here and i hope
u can attend LOL!Ok i GTG. Will update u guys soon.
that maniac. lol. his b'day is soon May 21st. probably Alex will attend?

About my final exams... it sux to the core. seriously. speechless...
Had 4 ADP papers to take. right after LAN papers the past Saturday

Intro to Computers was ok. had no prob answering
Chemistry. THE TULAN-est paper I ever had. DEM EMO after that. -.-

Basic Composition II. was not so difficult. frankly memorized the part
of Vivid Languages and it was 20 marks out of 40.omg

Elementary Statistics. ANOTHER ALMOST TULAN paper. I studied all
about degree of freedom, Central Limit Theorem & Confidence Interval
---> It bloody came out ONLY normal dist. SOSOSOSOSO disappointed
but I can answer all la... stil disappointed. DON CARE

I feel this is my most stressed up Final exam I ever had of all semesters
gah. humbug. and the pimples that popped up. zzz
let me recap- Passing is 70m. final exam marks is around 40m.
Fail means retake = RM 1,200.00 (SERIBU DUA RATUS)

only IF its that easy.


ok. wish me the best on my first day at work tomorrow. LOL


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