yello everyone. hey so how's it goin'?
good I hope. LOL...

I started working yesterday. today's my 2nd day... never in my
working life Day 1
would be so bloody BORING.
I know yean would come up to me and say
"shaun,you work like ever so often?!"

all I did was & more reading. lol. anyway, THAT reading
did help alot in understanding what is our role in the company. good!
concepts and functions. but it felt really unproductive.

Met alot of ppl. most of em' are in the same SharedServOutsource Dept
with different units. I'm in Enterprise Development unit.
and yea- I 'officially' started doing work on the 2nd day.

haha. I looks like a HUGE house of some sort. I could get lost in there
sadly. don have access card yet... EVERY door has the locking mechanism
so. I can't go out or even come in without the tag. -.- GAH

HCD says shortage of access cards. so too bad. They're finding ways to
enable our MyKads to work as door access cards. WAH! so canggih wan!?
LOL. guess where I work at would be the answer.

Anyway, today was briefing and separated to different supervisors.
I am under Jo, a very nice person. BUT the great thing is....
that I gotta help do speech writing for VIPs. eg. CEO and Minister

tell me its so so so so so exciting?! I guess its not my area of expertise
and what a challenge to be assigned that.. no?
I WENT OH GAWD. after being swapped and accepted it.

Was suppose to be under FDI. suddenly got swapped into another
division. -.- I felt they shud assign a Mass Comm student instead
of a Finance student... oh well. it doesnt seem to matter anyway.
now I know what it means to be flexible.

This afternoon was showered with loads of write-ups and whatnots
pertaining to the bollywood event... AND to draft out some points and
write the speech itself.

*kena whack.

anyway. I trust its not going to be mission impossible. I shall finish it!
One thing I like about this organization. They encourage us to learn
and at the same time, we must know the basics.

I find they treat us like graduates unlike some places that may regard us
as students who don know anything. And also learn to dress professionally
like them... the event starts in about a week... oh.cant wait. lol
tmrw gotta bring laptop too.. -.- the ones they requested for interns are
not here yet... haiz...

More updates on Twitter. so check it out frm time to time. xD


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