hellooo once again.
in case you've not noticed. been busy. REAL one ok

this is my first job in my entire life that I've been ACTUALLY BUSY.
omfg. its an achievement!! xD

trust me. I can chill all the time but not at work this time.
I have yet to complete the dossier which has to be done by Friday
for the Minister and my company's SLT.

I also have a string of items not ready for the dossier.
My boss started cursing and swearing at idiots that don seem to do
their job. hahahaha. AND she's been telling me- don learn this! LOL.

I've learnt that at times of stress; ppl tend to curse and swear..

Skipped lunch today. partially coz of work and didnt feel like eating
Jo had to leave for IAP stuff at 2... had to work la then. -.-

lunch here sux to the max. unless you got a car to go out.
so. practically i'm binded to the cafe downstairs... which isnt much
to my liking so HLML?

This starts on Sunday. I think coz i'm not involved until Tuesday...
Monday will be at MO whole day until midnight. xD

Do drop by.. probably you'd spot me around there. lol.
Its held at KL Convention Centre

The 3rd floor of my office. here's where boardroom is...and CEO
and etc. offices... the place wuz dem nice.. hahaha.

for the record....
I come back home after work and I'll continue doing work. madness~!
I know... thats why its SO DIFFERENT. hahaha. I never continue
whatever after 6 p.m. now. I gotta e-mail boss up to 11 p.m eh..
pfffft... lol.

"That isn't an office, its hell with fluorescent lights..."

Tomorrow is Sat. and I gotta go work. tulan.... -.- damnnnnnn...
Sunday also I gotta go work for exhibition set-up...

a HUGE event is in the house. I'm getting nervous coz lots of things
are NOT done. soooo bloody last minute. -.-
I heard there's PC Fair going on as part of its satellite events. I dunno

gotta go prepare for tomorrw.

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