yelloooo... I'm back. LOL
these few days have been quite happening... hahaha.

finally- my main event is over. which was WCIT 2008. It sort of came and
gone... kinda fast.. was uber busy from last Sunday till Wednesday
I thought I could've relaxed on Thursday but noooo....

Boss got me to write a postmortem report on the project we're involved-
Country Initiative. gah! so was busy harping on the report and turned out
to be generic. -.- I prefer this wayy better than doing NOTHING.

but I tweaked on it abit here and there... I'm learning ok!!! and I did learn.
xD so naive a 19 y/o can be. dunno how to write postmortem; sometimes
I wish I would've slapped myself. humbug...


Part of my duty was at the exhibition. and part of it was at Mandarin
Oriental for Country Initiative.

One of the big main banners in the exhibition hall... PCFair was also
there but at a separate hall... and nothing much there..

This was the backdrop at the booth I was at.. In case you're wondering
why all MSC and all... the company I'm attached with is the one that
spearheads the MSC Malaysia initiative.

These are some of the fotos to show a few... many more some other time.

Highlights: Free coffee at WCIT Secretariat. huhuhuhu...
I always go up there to grab some coffee and use the computer there

Coincidentally. I saw Scott. and yesterday was Tzuoo's and Robb's
birthday... Tzuoo is a thousand miles away from Malaysia; all the way
in Germany. so an e-mail would do. lol

couldn't hook up on hotmail. so I used my company mail to wish Robb.
lol. knowingly he should be working and checking his mail. haha.
and I headed back to work after that.

on a lighter note. college is starting nex week!!!!!!!! zomg.
too fast can?? how I wished holidays are extended.

(i) SSO Postmortem meeting- Report almost done. xD
(ii) Subject registration deadline
(iii) Kayu outing

That's about it. ttfn.
I'm so looking forward to the weekends... ahhhhh~

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