I got my Spring semester results today. zomg.. I did ok!!!
thank God. phewww.. dem worried esp tulan Chemistry. haha. xD

anyway. today I had loads of work in office. designed to keep ppl
like me uber busy. MDeC is going thru renovation soon...
so got limited access to some stuff. gah!

Isn't this the GREATest company????? LOL. Management decided to give
all staff a free reflexology treatment... not only that. they get a DAY off
omg. such a great company. employ me pls. lol..

but the staff did earn it after sleepless nights and working like hell for
IAP and WCIT. they deserve some incentive. prob I'd go for reflex tmrw. xD

took this during Postmortem meeting on a Friday evening. 5.00 p.m
thats the chairperson.. Zulfiqar. the bad and nice guy about to bash
ppl like me. -.- wuz suppose to present for Country Initiative on behalf
of Jo but he skipped me coz it was almost 7 p.m... zzz..

I was ready to present. but....cis!
anyway. there's always NEXT time. like they say...lol

[L-R] Ibrahim.the.Great-Sharina-Ryan!!-Rovina L#Husna#-Azizi-Peter.Pan-mE
half of the Shared Services Outsourcing team. lol

Our little KLCC made out of brochures. Peter Pan CS punya Idea. lol

hahaha. nice photo. Rov's expression like wt?! lol. PhotoCredits- PeterPan

All this wuz from the exhibition at KL Convex. dem bigg... everywhere
also got the logo and deco... I didn't get to enter the Plenary Hall to
witness the conference. a photo would do?

Introducing my BOSS!... lol.

JY, the Sr Exec~

hahaha. she totally wont know about this eh. anyway. I primarily
report to Jo as so called her assistant/
protégé.. ahahahahaha!
assisting her in the India Country Initiative project... lol

I have yet to buy her lunch. gah. waiting for her to come back from
Denmark in about 2 months more. I learned alot from her from how
she'd handle things, advices she's given to me and various levels of
exposure while in MDeC... and working to the bone!.. haha

oh my...
where am I ought to find another colleague like her? lucky I had her
to insist that I do reports and be flexible on the job scope. lol...
not forgetting the swearing and fighting with High Comm. hahaha
Best of all- She cares =] Long story from 'the fall' at office. -.-

[L-R] Safuan,Boss #2-Ibrahim-Ms. Sia-Zul


Tomorrow's the Staff Appreciation dinner in Bangkok Jazz...
huhu! finally they chose there... lol..

more pix soon?! =D

Now you know MSC? Let's hope not. coz there's none about it.
But I do know. Ask me if you wanna know. XD but more on SSO

I wonder sometimes can Nuffnang apply for MSC Status? hmm.


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