so to speak, the new semester has started.
Summer semester! xD

things didnt go well as anticipated since on the first day!!!!
left searching and jumping around looking for the damnnnn classroom.
it was Intercultural Communication yea

anyway. the intention to act like a new student failed horribly..
I'm taking Macroeconomics, Intercultural and Human Resource Mgmt
3 subjects wont kill eh.

I seem to enjoy Macroecons though.. :D Its like so dem interesting
and whatnot. hahahaha. Just got the text recently & this She Ai Li happily
said "OH! I have the textbook, you want?" =.=" why thank you. lol

she even said - why you so quiet? last time u always tok like mad
swt.. swt.. swt... since when I tok like mad huh???


I just noticed my segi empat college putting up the MSC Malaysia
Status Institution.. lol..

random photo-

blocked!! kenot surf Facebook!!

How unethical am I.. surfing Facebook during office hours. lol.. kena block
for some communication error.. actually can surf eh. LOL!
but anyway... was not using guest internet account sooo....

Reminder: All internet usage is monitored and logged. =O

and they can find me. xD

I have yet to get photos... I sooo wanna post up photos...
waiting till I'm old aldy... for Peter Pan and Sarah. hmm..

There might be a possibility I'm getting old too.. humbug. socializing
in the workplace often have its degree in opening up. lol
Common question: What do you do during your free time?

I totally went BLANK. It was then I realized that I'm DAMN boring.
thinking and thinking... I don't do anything during my free time. crap.
that's how boring I am. and THAT'S like SO unusual for ppl my age...
so they say.

I should be out mamaking, clubbing, hang out, do sports and whatnot.

but I rarely do so...
'nuff said.. end of story. enough harping. and yada yada
before I get depressed like the Great Depression. -.-

Jesse McCartney's album Departure is out... wo0t! his new songs rawks!
the one playing on-site is one of his newest. I wanted to buy his album
hahahaha. since I started countdown-ing... its RM39.90
should I? or download all.. LOL!

wait I got moolah then we see :)

I'm going for F&N Freestylz tomorrow! thats part of the activity tmrw.
at the Curve. and basketball on Sunday. also revise studies abit...
Should really start on researching for assignments. I'm so slacking

leave comments if you must.

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