Nang it!
wo0t! Last Saturday I went for F&N Freestylz campaign where
8 finalist of can-designers battle for the Japan trip...

the can they designed was HUGE.

yep! it was that huge eh.. There were about 8 cans of those on display
for voting by the public.. I voted for No. 5 designed by this dude...

Loo Kok Chern from KL

haha.. seeing these artist being asked "Why there's a dot on yr can etc."
they went "????" or rather the inspiration just flowwwwww...
or somehow its there? hahaha.


somehow Chinese breakdancers cant breakdance as well as Malay can
lol. observation laa.. even Su Ling agrees. lol.
after that went for dinner hosted by F&N themselves at Italianies.
wo0t! for the Media attendees.


and also they were launching their Limited Edition F&N Cans that day
those were co-designed by Joe Flizzow, Danny One and Meet Uncle Hussain
...the Media got autographed set of those limited edition cans. :D

awesome dinner I'd say. hahaha.

They had a Q&A session for the media and some press interaction
so anyone in for a question? lol.
gets a Plasma TV!

Lucky draw for the Plasma TV went to Andrew Wong fellow blogger,
Su Ling's kawan. hahaha.

he dem excited weh. hahaha.. I'm wondering what brand of TV! lol..

after that was performances by the kinda boring street magician..
Danny One, Joe Flizzow and Meet Uncle Hussain


DJ Fuzz from

Danny One

Joe Flizzow

Lastly they announced the winner for F&N Freestylz winner for the
trip to Japan.. turns out to be...

This dude is Sin Kok Pei from Kedah disliked by Su Ling.. hahaha
due to his attitude during announcing him as the winner. he behaved
as tho it wasn't him who won. wth?! feel proud and happy la.

He acted like wow.. me the winner? oh thats soo expected!.. yey me~
wtf?! hahahaha... Congrats anyway.

ok. I dunno why I partitioned the photos for wad reason?!

Iz us!

Steph, Su Ling, me!

bloggers at work.

Some of us.

tiramisu was nice!

Final photo- They gave us Autographed Limited Ed. Cans! xD

Sarsi - Danny One | Ice Cream Soda - Joe Flizzow | Orange - Meet UncleHussain

Photo Cred: Simon Seow, Su Ling and others.

wokay. thats d update...
dem malas to update nowadays. loads of stuff to do and not to
mention assignments never start & HRM quizzes killing me -.-

&damnnnnn! I think I lost my cam memory card. haiz. less photo to take d

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