yea yea.. another Nuffnang initiative post.
taking a break off doing work. stress and tired -.-

Whose your HERO? who isn't so average... lol.

Its a bird... its a plane.... its SUPERMAN...
sound familiar?? lol

Hardly the case if Superman weakness is kryptonite. but I still cant help
but to think of him as a hero... lol

Virtually save lives of innocents with superpowers. which I had powers
like that. xD Well I like to watch Smallville. for so many seasons.
I even have several series of the books...

I've watched this ever since the first season till the 8th i think. lol
one of the best Superman series ever.
haha. besides Lana Lang here is kinda pretty too. like duh.
I feel if there's a Hero in reality would be someone ordinary enough
to save the society from so many bad stuff happening. so to speak.

The last series of Superman wasnt that great compared to Smallville
Dean Cain starred in that series.

I wonder if these superheroes are for real?
like Hancock here...

We're about to find out during Nuffnang's private screening on 7th July
- 9.30 p.m at Cineleisure Damansara The Curve.

Find out more about the screening at Nuffnang blog
and this better get me a free ticket :)

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