Apologies for the MIA. xD
can only say that I'm forever busy. lol. doing this and that. poking
my nose into all sorts of stuff.

I'm one late blogger to blog about this.. very late.
went for Clorets Dark Secret with Amateur Pole Dance competition
launching at Celebrity Fitness, 1Utama
Guest celebrities were Hannah Tan and Pietro Felix... which they'll
also perform the Pole Dance during the competition in Rumms KL

Stage area

Blair Sailes, MD of Cadbury Confectionery Malaysia

Here's a quote from the launching.
"Clorets Dark Secret is the newest and naughtiest pick-me-up addition
...gives you breath so intoxicatingly fresh, it turns on people's desire
for you, what can be more exciting than pole dancing!"

Competition details - Logon to www.cloretspower.com

To join the contest, you just have to:
1. Register on the website
2. Submit a video link of 40-sec Pole dance video. hahaha!
3. Short-listed contestants will be chosen based on judging and
online votes...

Loads of prizes are waiting as well... Submission is from 1st July till
3 August 2008. Pole dance lesson is conducted by Viva Vertical and
Celebrity Fitness..

Hannah Tan, Pietro Felix, Clorets Brand Manager

Hannah & Pietro & Pole. Check out the huge 'H' bling bling

All of 'em. and the pole dancers. xD

and all of us~ Simon-Amy-Kim-Kutucat-Kenny-Me

can't help to notice too.. its a reunion for me, Simon, Kutucat and Kenny
since Death Note 3 movie screening. haha. we all met each other then.

Loads of Clorets. Had some of 'em. I swear I did not have enough =X

Excessive act of promoting Clorets. lol

That's about it. cant believe I ditched doing work over this event. huh
I know you know I know...
Here's the Clorets Dark Secret mints which I got and took around for
ppl to try... hahahaha! candy tasting! sadly not enough for me weh....
now I gotta buy for myself. meh.

Photo credits: Simon Seow, Kutucat and Me

ttfn. nex entry real soon. i'm so outdated.

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