wokay. update I shall...
this is very tulan. got 2 weeks till my Final exam. & obviously not prepared
I scored quite well for Macroeconomics Mid-terms :D so yey.

[Tension.Busy.Tulan] for the past few days. I got heaps of unfinished work
and assignments and group projects and etc.
I am sooooooooooo bloody last minute. 'obviously' again I didn't learn my
lesson the last time preparing for WCIT Country Init. =.="

and yeah, trust me you don't have to mention this to me.
I'm already slapping myself..

I even went for Hancock private movie screening. Thanx to Nuffnang
Movie was not baddd! reminds me of Superman but a whole lot different
the latest movie I watch. I'm dem outdated -.-

Iz us!

I think the
whole thing was kinda fun. but of course, it's more of having
the company of bloggers and the mingling.. I managed to drag Sue along

Nuffie- Robb! xD

Thanx a mil to Robb for the tickets to watch Hancock toooooo...
and lucky Andrew got the extra tix frm me. haha. lotsa ppl couldnt go.

Next up! Batman?


Supper after movie was at Teh Tarik place at the Curve. I've been to
places wayyy better than this. Went there coz lack of time, it was kinda
late and some ppl tired to go. lol

Shud go Williams.. coz never try before. xD

I noticed the office rooftops has very sharp pointy needle. you can
see abit of it at the photo above. lol

I hardly go outside office to have lunch. so, funny guy Marcus got me
to a vegetarian place opposite the office. haha.. and I had fun. lol
ahem. talked about lotsa stuff. about wcit. work. about mushy stuff?
lol. but I enjoyed the company eh. xD but he no longer in MDC =/ sad

Other than that. I'm very deprived of sleep. On top of that, I'm stressed
I need to chill this weekend. except for the dumb event on Saturday
Finals is coming tooo. then holiday! :D

besides, Secret Recipe's RM10 offer quite reasonable eh. tried it today

(Photo credits: Su Ling, Andrew)

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