I is very uber tired.
wanna know why? coz I stayed back kinda late for some reason.
and it wasn't for a very good, logical reason. probably so lar...
could've left early but noooo...

some ppl asked whether I wanted to enjoy the jam -.-"
oh yes. traffic wise and people wise...

Final exam is next week. Got only 2 days of examination, then its done
since my Macroecon mid-terms went well.. chances getting an A is high.
For Human Resource, graded well for assignment but kinda doubtful
on scoring well for it since it's all essay questions for Finals. =/
Intercultural Comm. =.=" saddest case of all.. mid-terms were average.
hopefully Final exam questions would be easier to manage.

Flashing news: Bitch lecturer is SUDDENLY behaving nice. LOL
she's being all friendly, nice, happy. hmmm O.o? i think its way better

Best of all is semester break...
I registered my subjects already and hopefully can cope with so many
subjects. gah. lucky for the Add/Drop week.

Subjects I'm taking :
Accounting I, Entrepreneurship, Mgmt Info Sys, Religion and Marketing P.
Would probably drop entrepreneur. coz it would be kinda heavy esp if
having other obligations at the same time.


I got lots of stories to tell. so here's one of em'

There's this dude in my Intercultural class, a friend constantly protesting
on why we should provide the gay community health care treatment.
It sort of gone into a debate; coz I don't agree on his point.
AND it went on and on about protecting our 'future' children from the
existence of gay people. he's even talking about "eliminating" them. lol

that's so so genocide. read about Adolf Hitler and the holocaust.
I was telling him about being the next Hitler but he thinks what Hitler had
done was right (to remove the gay community, in particular) but he felt
it was overly done. lol

Back to where health care is concerned, it was the chapter of the day.
refusing treatment to them is kinda harsh. despite them being who they
are. It's like saying - oh you're gay, so you should be left to die..?
he kept reiterating their lifestyle is wrong and whatnot which I somewhat
agree. and getting me to join his dark side; coz he's got candies? haha

Since I took Sociology before. some ppl think gay people exist due to
biological-inherited reasons. and some believe its the environment.
which is which? it's hard to say; no proven evidence to this statement.

Another fact for you guys to ponder on...
Your peers that have been working in the past, most probably have a
different mindset/thinking compared to peers that has never worked before.

True? or False?

Rest aside, Kenny Choo gave me this website.
which tempted me to go on a backpacking trip to Singapore... LOL
It's near Sim Lim Square the IT Mall; God knows where's that -.-

and I'm stilll thinking... hmm hmm... take leave and go enjoy.lol
since it's holidays toooo.. sounds fun huh.
can meet up with long lost Delia, Cass and Sammy and mayb Sue. haha

*still thinking* Chances 50/50. xD

wokay. thats for now.
btw, Boss JY is coming back soon in August. Is that good or bad? lol


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