I'm tagged...
By Su Ling and Sasha. -.-

***RULE 1: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.


1. I somewhat bitch about people I despise. And not many ppl know about this

2. I'm someone that keeps loads of stuff. like postcards, papers and etc
labelled as a magpie for some reason. -.-

3. My first live concert I went to was 911. was a small kid then. lol

4. I enjoy working and my job (most of 'em) and I work like ever so often?

5. Signs when I'm sick is when I sneeze alot. YAH. dem tulan wan.

6. I'm a BAD socializer. I suck at making friends. Just so you know
but it's something i'm most passionate about- meeting people!

7. I like Jesse McCartney's songs. they're omfg awesome. LOL
Jonas Brothers is not bad also. :D

8. Sometimes you can find me quite fickle minded. Trading off decisions
is not my cliche. I take a long time to decide.

9. I'm starting to curse alot. I KNOW wtf?! learn frm my boss la, JY of MDeC
hahahaha. but she's uber cool

10. I meet alot of weird ppl. Weird thing is that they like to talk to me
does that make me weird tooo? lol. (i'm so ebil. gosh)

11. Alot of ppl I meet, asks- What do you do during free time? I answer
them honestly- NOTHING!... nothing i tell you. I'm that boring.

12. I get sleepy during boring lectures. or was it because of lunch? hmm..

13. I'm one great procrastinator. I leave to-do stuff at the very last minute..
it applies especially to assignments etc.

14. I always have this urge to go backpacking. but I'm lazy to do so. -.-
thinking wtf is our currency so low.... gah. so discouraging

15. Every week I make a tad effort to go Mamaking at least once.lol
yep. sometimes dont la. depends..


wo0t. I'm on holidayyy... Exam's over. now i can chill.. I think
if i don have to be back to work, yet.
Exams was crap. Results is D-Day. damnnnnn....

Dean list was out before the Finals. gah. damn tulan d. VERY in fact
they raised points level to min 3.5 to be on the list. zzzzz...
*unnecessary stress*

Can't wait to go outing with me homies this Friday to KL. woohoo!
Participants: Juney, ME, Sue Leng.. got more i think?


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