Last Fridayyy... I went out to KL with me, college mates.
and yea- the last I checked. It wasn't Friday the 13th. wtf?!

that is another story to tell...
after this one.

the gals.

hahaha. on our way to Pavilion. nearly went the wrong way which
was towards Berjaya Times SQ.. lol

we're the 'tourist'... but were lacking of shades, a backpack and
'surprised look' or rather noob look some ppl have. xD

There! we finally found Pavilion. ok. My first time stepping into this place.
hahaha... and we saw The Loaf.. some random bakery that maybe is overpriced.
it's famous coz its co-owned by our former Prime Minister.

then we saw Coach, the bag shop. lol

Pose first! before crossing the road... lol

It was a busy road... snapped then we run along.. haha..
not many ppl around tho... streets were kinda empty. average number
of ppl walking around compared to weekends...

We went into random shops including Topshop, Topman, Tangs
and Parkson...

and met up with Sue's friend before heading for lunchhhhh... :D
Sue had craving for Laksa -.- but Food Republic was packed. lol
so we went to Carls Jr. for lunch.

Another first time- lunch at Carls Jr. hahaha

sadly. I never been to Carls Jr. despite passing by the 1 Utama branch
for so many times... lol

I tried Wendy's and all but not this.. haha..
the french fries was gooood. not bad at all.. can actually see the
potato skin on some of it... true potato fries? lol

My Superstar. xD

Juney sez mine was kinda dry compared to her mushroom one...
hmm.. nex time gotta try something else. :D

But it was a satisfying one. priced at 17bux for the combo. kinda filling
altho abit pricey... only can go once in a long time. lol
Kenny Choo recommends. hahaha.. Thanx alot to Jerry, Su Ling's friend
for lunch despite being unable to thank him personally. heh

Coincidentally met Robb and d Nuffnang crew at Carls Jr.. hahaha.
so much about small world... so it seems.


After that went shopping at random bB areas... haha.
Lot 10, Sg Wang, Low Yat Plaza and then Times Square...

and we did that in about 3 hours... lol

few random shots.

I dont quite know how to take mirror shots. lol

mE | Juney | Sue

mE & Juney =]

LOL. thats about it. other pix with Sue. hahaha.
the trip was great, filled with sheer awesomeness...

shud do it more often. probably nex semester yea...
destination: Penang? woohoo!

Then I had cg later in the evening at Tropicana. So, I drove there
and on the way back. Had an accident, a car hit my back.
Thank God I did not hit the car in front too; it was too close..

zomg. I didnt know what to feel, shocked in fact...
Thank God it was only that and nothing more and everyone's safe

The last time I had an accident was with the office carpark pillar...
got scratches. that was when I swore NEVER to do reverse parking...
-.- anyway. there you go.. banned until further notice

okay now it's super late. gtg sleeep


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