wo0t. sudden feeling wanting to update
coz I think its time for a little announcement. lol

wtf.. not announcement la. rantings i guess

Yesterday went to celebrate Sally's birthday at Dataran Sunway.
the restaurant was a sad case. It was kinda empty.
nonetheless, alot of ppl FFK. -.- attended was 7/14. hah
but for a good reason la i suppose.

Went to watch Hellboy 2 with the gang after that at Cineleisure...
Thanx to Creamy for fetching us around. if not, would've stayed home
Movie was good for me. rather interesting and better than the first part.
Though wasnt keen on watching the son of the fallen angel. but turned
out to be not bad. :)

Creamy is off to HongKong this Friday i think. -.- DAMN SAD LAHH
I could've gone if it weren't for AirAsia's bloody expensive tix. =.=
turns out MAS was cheaper. WTF! coz they hadn't launch the Low Fare
promo that time... now its way cheaper... great.

TULAN. -.-
and stil very sad. I think I'm moving but I go nowhere.

other than the verge of being unemployed. hah. don care d.
I kinda vowed not to be working throughout my Fall semester.
must improve CGPA and graduate faster. :D

despite that, got a call for an interview. so much for not working

Old photo.lol

me working and my Biz Dev peeps crowding my cubicle.haha xD

Ok. its late. ttfn.

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