I think I'm starting to lose my niche blogging..
Run out of ideas to blog about and also lazing to blog about
anything at all.. yea. I'm so good at myself.

SO expect random stuff from me.

Teen Choice Awards '08 was on last Monday. Though didn't manage to watch
the event itself, juz got to know the winners and nominations..
Shown over U.S FOX channel. seemingly unavailable in this part of the world
Hosted by Miley Cyrus. Hannah Montana star

Now who's hotter? Selena | Miley (Source: JustJared)

The JoBros (Source: JustJared)

Jonas Brothers! (Source: JustJared)

JoBros won 6 awards for TC08 this time.. in all the nominated categories
voted online by fans across the globe. Think this proves they have quite a
strong fanbase and kinda popular. lol

or they're just awesome? They won these categories: (dem alot)
Choice Music Single: "When You Look Me in the Eyes."
Choice Breakout Group: Jonas Brothers
Choice Music Love Song: "When You Look Me in the Eyes."
Choice Summer Song: "Burnin' Up."
Choice Male Hottie: Jonas Brothers.
Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male: Jonas Brothers.

HSM Zac and Vanessa (Source: JustJared)

Another hot couple during the event. Probably they're still together?
Vanessa was awarded Choice Female Hottie; but Zac Efron didnt win Choice
Male Hottie coz it was awarded to the Jonas Brothers. lol

Other awards for Hancock, I Am Legend. Chris Brown got 5 awards too..
though I don't see what's great about him. J-Mac didn't win too. sad
but over 30 million voters around the world can't be wrong..

and Chad Micheal Murray looks quite the same over the years..
I got a feeling this is better than MTV Asia Awards. Or is it not?
hmm.. people like Claire would think its overated. lol typical. xD

List of TC08 Award winners can be found here [Link]

My life is mundane at the moment. you wouldn't want to know what's
going on... Just a note though. the Silicon Valley of Malaysia sux.
and it's never like the one in Calif.

will post up the nex update real soooon...
stil contemplating on BKT trip to Klang this Friday. hmmm...

confused... trying hard to comprehend but still confused -.-

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