Finally!! a trip to somewhere across
It was how I spent my 080808! :P

last Friday. me. Juney and Sasha decided to explore d "Royal town"
called Klang. a.k.a Kelang.. lookup Wikipedia to find out about the town

Thanx to Juney, that hail from Klang was appointed to bring us round
the busy busy cowboy town of hers. xD

Our expedition started off from SJ KTM Station. lucky nuff it was on-time
and quite fast. (yes, for real) usually it is slow and LATE. haha.
Juney was reported to be in bed while I and Sasha were on our way. lol
anyway, she was waiting at the station as we arrived.

First off! BKT!

Juney took us to this BKT shop nearby the station and her place...
hurhurhur... we had everything there is and tea. lol
we had oolong tea. was tad bitter but ok. Pork in tea was gooood

Juney pouring tea leaves from an ENVELOPE!
(I should be very afraid drinking that. XD)

HAHAHA! but it was safe to drink (I guess?) had cups and cups of it anyway.
coz she kept refilling for me. -.- LOL. "come come, drink more.."

Sasha was into BKT from the start; and I had my eyes on her... LOL

Sasha turned out to be snatching the pot from me.... grr!
but it was half done.. she can have it anyway.. hmph~

Next up... we went visiting the Selangor Sultan at his palace
the flag was up. so probably he is in...

commoners like us aren't allowed to go in so we posed outside
without the horse though... haha

there's only the cannon.

After that. went to Juney's crib to admire the school at the back of
her house... hahaha.. still waiting to build a bridge across. lol

and so, we chilled. watched TV and whatnot. Her younger bro had
the hair just like this fellow...

from Meet the Robinsons. lol

ok. maybe not that exaggerated like that but something like that.
not blonde and not that brushy like. haha

Later on...
We went to have 50cents coffee at one end of Klang...
my first cup wasnt that good but the second one was a blast. xD

We blasted off to Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang which was on the other side
of town... zomg. pass the traffic.. bridges.. buildings then oni we reach
was kinda far tho...

The mall was not bad. kinda new and nice look. but seriously, I wouldnt
go until this far coz it was fairly similar to 1Utama and Curve

and speaking of which is nearer tooo...

Girls. their nature to shop. woohoo!!

We went floor by floor... hahaha.. awesome yeahh. it was evening we
shopped till 9 p.m, only we decided to leave. hahaha.
Sasha bought a clown wig. -.-

Don have to ask me about Olympics Opening coz I didnt watch it too...
seriously it was one of my longest shop-escapade ever. lol. the last one
in Bukit Bintang wasnt too bad.. All in all, shopping was tad lengthy...
but we had some BigApples to even it out. xD

wo0t! a very fruitful trip to Klang... shud come bak again another day
with Sue Leng. hahahaha...
Holidays are down to 6 days left!!! dem fast.. and I'm having weird
dreams lately... VERY weird. haha... coz i seldom have any..

Next post is about Cyberjaya. so erm.. keep a lookout

Btw, I posted a NEW poll on the side. Pls do answer wokay! :D

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