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this will be a VERY random entry again.
rather a combo la. coz I don't quite have the time to blog about it
one by one...

First-up. College. grr!
Fall semester starts this week. Also the chance to add/drop subjects..
and also RESULTS! =X D-Day. For this semester, the college is being quite
secretive on who's teaching what subjects.. hmmm..

tulan. tension of every semester facing what type of results i'm gonna get.
pressure of getting a better CGPA every semester equals to depression.
damnnn... Tan June Yin ruined my day, the other day saying that chances
of getting an A for Macroecons are very slim... yada yada yada..

though what she says 'maybe' true but I'm not buying it. 'nuff said..
my only hope are HRM and Macroecons. Intercultural Comm- haiz.. that
stupid bitch. 'nuff said.

The Intelligent City of MY. hohohohoho!
Its pretty dead actually on the outside but alive on the inside. LOL
coz ppl are working 24/7 on rotation, of course

the other day I needed to head to F**M Plaza nearby some Bomba place
and I realized its fcuking far. efforts to save petrol thats why.
from MDC all the way to the bloody plaza where one of MDC's office are.
that office is just to process foreign workers visa.

nice landscape.

It looked like a dead building at first. coz there were no one, empty-like
except the guards around. lol..
Inside the building was also empty. and VERY dead.. Offices ought to
have their staffs walking around, no?

Finished by lunch time... again back to the same road.

strategic! unlike F*** Plaza

Lunch time is where you'd see ppl walking around on roads to go fer lunch.
near near ones.. haha.. Ambitious ones like me sometimes head to
CBD Perdana for Middle Eastern lunch.. Arabian duno duno wat..
my colleagues brought me there.lol

lunch here can be quite pricey. so make sure your company PAYS well
my most ex lunch cost 17bux. but nice. hahaha
do note public transportation also sux here. make sure got car.lol

All in all, CJ isn't that intelligent after all. it's gonna take a LONG time
before it develops on par with the Silicon Valley in California.
It's not that great.. its just not..

Randomly last week went for lunch/dinner with Sue...
It was random coz I had sushi craving so did Sue and automagically
decided to go Pyramid for Sakae Sushi.. xD

Salmon sashimi

Had an great sushi meal.. :D while talking about almost everything
under the sun.. and then had Frosty at Wendy's.. wo0t!

I also saw a nice jacket at Esprit that cost 300bux. ah sad. but its
nice ehhh... =/

it was a fun day. end of randomness.
Tuesday is back to hell.


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