Sue pressured me into participating in Nuffnang Gift Ideas contest organized
by Realmart and Nuffnang... to virtually give presents to one another. lol

So, there are several readers I have in mind to give
Imagine how cool if it was for real... hahaha..

Anyway, firstly let me intro the blogger la.
this is Marcus Tan.

hensem? =)

Thing about Marcus is that he often has a cavemen-look... hahahaha
when he doesn't shave. only during WCIT he looked presentable at least
for Mahadzir to look at. LOL. (inside joke)

Therefore, this is the best gift I can give this fella...

Philips Double Action Shaver :D

Cool ehh..? Here's what's gooood about it- It can shave up to an HOUR!
1 hour. zomg. of course not meant to shave the skin off as well
mana tau some sadistic ppl wanna skin ppl alive. =X lol.

It operates with a 2 AA Battery. get rechargable one or use Tesco's
battery which is few dollars for four of em'

Next blogger I'd like to give a gift.
Is Jenabi Ling. lol


Haha. Randomly chose him... but sharing is caring I guess?
lol. Jenabi loves Art & to draw; see his blog & be amazed with his drawings.
he also works in a sushi restaurant called Mikaku? he craves DONUTs too

a pro in rolling sushi I presume. huhuhu..
And I wanted to give him this.
A 12 piece Sushi Set. =]

The only way he's gonna be able to 'savor' his precious rolled sushi is on
this 12pc sushi set! :D Of course he could bring the set back home to
make sushi and eat it the Japanese way with his family too. lol

sushi is healthy. ok! xD

The nex blogger I wanna give a gift is
Chee Su Ling a.k.a Chee Sue Leng a.k.a Sue

(on the far left)

Su Ling is one of my best kawans in college. She is the culprit for having
me to do this entry. lol. we chill almost every other day. lunching together
is like a must at least once a week.

Sue has an acne problem. She's going-to-be 21 this Friday and her face
has eruptions once in a while. Imagine it during exams. O.o
tsk tsk...

So I decided to give her a...

A Pensonic Blender!

This is no ordinary blender! It's a multi-purpose blender...

For Sue. She has to use this comprehensive blender to blend smoothies
to smooth her skin... =] Using ingredients like Avocado, Cucumber
and oatmeal!! that would do the trick i guess? for her acne.

On top of that, this blender can chop, grind and juice!!!
who knows this may come handy in the kitchen. lol

That is all for now. I hope I can give you ppl these items 'for real'
'if you know what I mean'. xD
p.s Jenabi, pls come down KL ah. I don do courier. lol

May the best winner win! lol!