Heya ppl...
Juz realized I have not blogged for a week! zomg.. uber long can
well... I had an awesome week (last week); more like FUN..

Haven't had much fun since the holidays and trips I had during holidays
hahahaha... deprived of it, seriously.

last week was when I started Fall semester AND collected d good results..
urgh. my first day was dreadful. yes.. I entered Accounting (I) class filled with screaming, shouting, yelling students. who just set foot in University
which either fresh SPM or transfer frm STPM/other colleges...

they were bloody excited from where I see it. damnnn. it had to continue
in Marketing class in the afternoon. AND in the lift, while I was happily on
my way home. gawd. I don even remember my batch acting like that =.=

Anyway, on the eve of 22nd August. a bunch of us, bloggers and friends alike
headed to Euphoria by Ministry of Music, Sunway Resort to celebrate
Su Ling's birthday. =]
Thanks to Sasha for getting us in without paying the cover charge. :D


the deafening music was awesome. coz it was soooo loud. yeahhh
they had nice lighting display on the dance floor too...


the dance floor was empty earlier on... so I and Joshua roamed the whole of Euphoria and upstairs thru its transparent bridge. lol

ppl started crowding the area as we continued to chillll... xD

Top:Sue.Sasha.ME | Bottom: Zoe.Sher.Steph

the experience was awesome. though surprised how Bravo was all quiet
suddenly got high after a few glasses of vodka. LOL!
and the dancing.....

things got more interesting too!

HAHA! candid.

My drink for the night wasn't tad alcoholic...
I had tall glass lime...
something mojito or margarita..

Was tempted to try Pina Colada but settled with that. ish.

Us again. :D

Sue blowing her B'Day cake at Dragon-I

and a Happy Twenty-One, Sue! hahaha.

Left MOS at 2 a.m zomg late. reach home almost 3 a.m. slept at 4!
kinda awesome. quite awesome. yeh awesome. :)

the next day. a surprise party planned for Su Ling at her place.
original goof story was to watch Wall-E. hahahahaha

leaving me; waiting to watch Wall-E at Pyramid. -.-
lol. nola.. the rain HAD to ruin my transportation plans.. ish.

but I arrived safely. HAHAHA but all wet tho.. :D

a HUGE B'Day card!

Messages, with love.

LOL. Thank loads to Navin for dropping me back home... WE've been
gossiping all the way through. hahaha. Life is too short, not to gossip
She explained how the "surprised" went along.

Funny thing is.... Navin was "TOUCHED" by the whole surprise...
even though she knew all about it. awww.. ain't that sweet. haha
well, everyone felt the plan was superb. haha. kudos to the organizer

wokay. gtg prep for tmrw

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