heya peeps.
it's me. the red guy :D

(UPDATE: Andrew ROFL-ed at me, while I'm typing this. HAHA)
another 1 week's entry. haven't been doing much lately.
therefore, nothing much to blog about.. and no inspiration..
still waiting on something spectacular

nonetheless. this week is the 3rd week of Fall Semester. It STILL feel
as though we're in an adjustment period.. imagine that- 3rd week!
and as a senior, it feels like I started the first class or something..

Summary of My Subjects and Concerns.

1. Accounting Principles I.
Starting this subject was tad slow like tortoise. despite the excitedness
to study Accounting. pfffft! I ONLY LEARNED- Assets, Liability and Owner's
Equity. that's it till last class. and I can hardly identify each one of them
proficiently yet. coupled with their differences. go figure!

This class was uber rowdy when lecturer not around. which annoys me.
I starting to pass judgment towards these freshies already.

2. Marketing Principles
So far so good. although I'm kinda upset with the change of time & day
Can't attend MUET classes anymore coz it clashes. -.-
started off with intro to Marketing, and still trying to comprehend it..
there's 30marks Project- 2 products - 10 members - 1 month to prep.

here's the tad concern. members&ideas. they're all new ppl I'm working
with. gah. I know.know.know.. I dunno why am I worried about it
anyway or rather i'm confused; did I choose the correct group to join?

Everytime I try to shove this concern away. it keeps coming back.?!?!
(though I'm not planning to get a yacht)

3. Management Information Systems
It really looks like a tough subject to digest. seriously. but I'm not overly
concerned about it. teaching style is like the Computer class before.
anyway, still trying to understand the concepts.

Project proposal handed in. when to start? hmmmm.... procrastinate la!
ish. as bad as it sounds, its 20 pgs. and it's only half of the assignment
lol. chilll...

4. Introduction to Religion
Ari's subject is rather not easy to comprehend. He asks questions that make
a simple-minded person go blank for minutes... then only coming up with a
resolution. not easy. but have yet to feel the pinch..

Have not done his 6+2 essays yet. and he wants us to get the original
textbook which I dug out; is available in U.S but needs to be imported..
no need to buy from Amazon etc. for $80.00 USD wtf right.

I need to find something to do VERY soon. My weekends starts from Thurs
till Monday every week. I begin to lose brain power and some sensibility,
i think la.. LOL.

Oh ya! Happy belated 51st Independence Malaysia!
I felt less of a Malaysian. the last anthem I sung was 'Star-Spangled Banner'
lol.. during some United States of America flag raising ceremony..
even Negaraku was last sung in Form 5!!

yes. I'm still a Malaysian ok!! lol
thats all fer now.

btw. Happy Birthday to Sasha aka Pei Wen. XD

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