wo0t. my weekly holidays started today with an obvious agenda..
which is fatt mou. it rained also today which was why..

I did almost nothing, equals unproductive. gimme a slap pls. I have assignments
to finish but was more of homework. lol. Accounting homework.
least I advanced further than juz understanding Assets, Liabilities and
Owners Equity. xD

I'm procrastinating! hurrah!!

Now onwards I loath going fr Marketing class; it has this sort of "TULAN" feeling..
kinda indescribable. and I juz don't like it.. I'd rather go for MUET class.
Leading the project is kinda pain in the ass. ESPECIALLY with the new people.
and some that act know-it-all.. I foresee some "passengers" boarding my flight
as well. wtf. The girl I told to lead the pack of wolves didn't appear yesterday & ended up with me.

That's life all about.

I need another job. but I damn picky pocky on the employers. nuff said.
my long weekend sux. reduces my brain power drastically.
I cant seem to think well


Sasha & June's Engagement Ceremony. wo0t!


HAHA!. Oh well. totally awesomeee...
Sakae Sushi roxxx. Never did explore the menu like June did.. so we had
awesome sushis and became sushified..
the bill came to slightly above hundred for the 6 of us. quite reasonable...

stacking the plates.

some we kept ordering coz we'd finish off da fried Salmon in a jippy!! in 25 secs.
Sasha even shot a video of that... hahaha.
it was so much fun

AND I skipped MIS class. LOL. felt kinda guilty coz I seldom cut class. meh.

WE headed for New Zealand's Natural Ice Cream. with the same trooop.
after all of that... felt quite stuffed. hahaha. Navin and Reuben had another
round of ice cream after their first. LOL


Next we went to Sushi Groove, then J.Co.. hahaha.
awesome right? so many places.

The girls needed a Sake ceremony to officiate their engagement. So be it!

We had a TOAST! Bottoms-up!! (Thasha ok anod? lol)

Cheers to the new couple!! :D

can't wait for your wedding? XD

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