wo0t! excuse the late posting. Had tonnes of whatnots to follow-up.
for the past few days. lol

anyway. Nuffnang had organized the 2nd Sharing Session for the bloggers!
at the Apartment Downtown, KLCC. xD

Was my first time at the Apartments. and it was a rather awesome place.
it was facing the KLCC Park fountain. :D where you'll get the nice view

Arrived right on the dot. some of the bloggers were already there.
saw only one familiar face which was Robb. but started to mingle around
with the others. nice people they are.

My "Peach Cooler" :P

They starting serving drinks.. one of the amazing ones were these coolers
it comes in various flavor added with Sprite. xD
I can't even remember how many glasses I had. lol

Richard, One of the chefs at the Apartment

The dinner was buffet-style. Richard here was presenting his welcome note
to us bloggers. lol. & we chilled.. while waiting for our Malay bloggers
to break fast before we all start. hahaha!

Off we go~

I reckon the Roast Lamb slices and the Apple Crumble were the best dishes
for the night. though Apple Crumble was kinda sweet... I feel it's not bad!
they serve the dishes in pots. hmmm...

After dinner, all of us moved upstairs for the listening session as well as
more sharing.. lol

Table for 20?

the bloggers!

We started the Blogger Introduction, Q&A to the Apartment & Nuffnang FAQ
quite an insight too. coz things about Nuffnang that I never got to know
about. lol

Guest bloggers: Muzaffar & Mira a.k.a Kak Red

They shared about their fasting experience in the Ramadhan month.
and ALOT more about blogger-ing tips. hahahaa...

Did you know- Kak Red has a BlackBerry just to read blog comments
and to moderate it... lol.
I learned a new word too- lalat. its a Malay word so go figure. mainly
used for commentators that comment crap nonsense or flame others.

awesome ppl! hahahaha.

ME - Jac - Marcus and his cooler

ME. and Lina :D

[L-R] Justin. ME. Zach. Marcus

[L-R] ME. Zach and Justin

and many others I've met- Greg, Arif... and company. lol. remind me if
I forgot about you ppl. =]

manual camera with a huge flash!

lol. it belongs to the other Lina. looks kinda like a lomo. manual style.
with film and has to turn the dial... like manual cams do. xD

Awesome meet-up!! Hopefully can do it again someday. hahahaha
Thanks to Robb too for extending the invitation to me :D


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