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001.Real Name: Shaun Liew
002.Nick Name: Shaun - Shaunnie - Shaunny
003.Married: Nope
004.Zodiac sign: Aquarius
005.Male or female: Male
006.Age: 18/19/20
007.High school: SMK Bandar Utama
008.College: SEGi College Subang
009.Residence: Silicon Valley
010.Hair Colour: Black
011.Long or Short hair: Longer than short
012.Drink: Coffee
013.Available: quite. :)
014.Are you a health freak: rarely
015.Height: can't remember
016.Do you have a crush on someone: crushes remain as crushes
017.Do you like yourself: yeah baby
018.Piercing: nope
019.Tattoos: nope
020.Righty or Lefty: Righty


021.First surgery: some years ago
022.First piercing: none
023.First best friend: Will let you know if I had any
024.First Award: Tunas Harapan? i think
025.First Pet: Hammy (Hamster)
026.First Vacation: Aussie
027.First Concert: 911
028.First Crush: random stranger


029.Eating: Nothing
030.Drinking: Tea
031.I'm about to: Surf the net
032.Listening: Breathless - Shayne Ward
033.Food: Nope
034.Drinks: Water
035.Colors: Dark grey
036.Numbers: 7


037.Want kids?: Not yet but maybe
038.Want to get married?: oh yeah
039.Have careers in mind: Performer


040.Lips or Eyes: Eyes
041.Hugs or kisses: Hugs
042.Shorter or taller: In between
043.Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
044.Nice stomach or Nice arms: Arms
045.Sensitive OR loud: Neither.
046.Hook up or Relationship: I wonder
047.Trouble maker or Hesitant: Hesitant


048.Kissed a stranger: Nope
049.Drank bubbles? : In Coke, yeah
050.Lost glasses or contacts?: Primary
051.Ran away from home: Nope
052.Liked someone younger: Seldom
053.Older: rarely but yeah
054.Broken someone heart: possible
055.Been arrested: Nope
056.Turned someone down? : Yup
057.Cried someone died: Yup
058.Liked a friend: Don't recall


059.IN yourself: All the time.
060.Miracle: absolutely
061.Love at 1st sight: Yupp
062.Heaven: Yes
063.Santa Claus: Every Christmas
064.Sex on the 1st date: Never
065.The more you hate, the more you love?: Possible but hmm...
066.Angels: Yeah


067.Is there one person you want to be with right now?: yes and no. lol
068.Had more the one bf/gf at a time?: Nope. I'm very loyal
069.Do you believe in GOD?: Yeah. I do
070.How do you feel now?: Confused, excited, restless, dunno
071. 5 people you tag: Chee Su Ling, Jenabi Ling, Marcus Tan

There goes another tag. Reason being so that I don have to blog so much
when time is of the essence at the moment.

I have Religions presentation, MIS quiz and studying to do this week.
gah.. Tomorrow I'll be at LimKokWing Uni for half a day.

By the coming weekend. probably going for Shayne Ward and much awaited
Genting trip with my collegemates. :D

Next scheduled update should be up in no time :)

Til' then. Here's my Lychee martini and Heineken taken during company
outing to Bangkok Jazz. xD


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