Here's Hennessy Artistry update - Shayne Ward . Until June . The DEY
I must say my first Artistry event roXX. except the smoke part which made
life harder to breathe in the club.

I arrived kinda early. It felt weird with everyone staring whilst entering the
carpark. HAHAH! Parked at VIP allocated spot thanx to the VIP sticker.
and then waited... waited and waited. LOL..

Headed to Pavilion to celebrate Steph's early B'day. :D

wishing on a IceCream cake!

Later left for Orange Club.. coz the other bitch was hurrying us. hahaha
it was packed as expected. the RSVP queue la. lotsa ppl photographing
outside as usual.. and POLAROIDS! xD

DJ Tom Price

Sue. Me. and Hennessy

Sasha and Me


Amir . Sasha and ME. I look like LOL

VIP area was on the top floor. bad idea! the smoke from smoking went
all the way to the top. hence ppl like me inhaled loads of secondary smoke.

The first awaited performance was Until June.

they rock!

I've never heard of 'em before nor heard it over the radio but their songs
rocks!!!! Absolutely love Sleepless and What I've Done.
Sounded almost like James Morrison. hahaha.

Lead singer. Josh Ballard. Not bad! xD

Next performance was The D.E.Y.
VIP area was uber crowded. lotsa ppl squeezing in to get a snap of the
stage area -.-

They sang- Give You The World

She, √Član Luz was awesome.

Recently heard it over the radio.. lol. dunno who were they at first
but this trio is ought to be the next Black Eye Peas. xD

Haha. Last performance was Shayne Ward.
This time everyone glued their eyes to the stage. =D

He sang- If That's OK With You

Well choreographed dancers. He also sang- No You Hang Up

Sue *hearts* Shayne Ward. lol


Steph . Ren . Sue . Zoe . ME

wo0t. at front entrance.

Zoe | ME & Ren, the Round ppl. xD

Groupy pix! Add Joshua and Jane

Left around 2 am. After lepaking outside Orange Club deciding where to
go mamaking. Ended up in Stevens Corner OUG, lepak more...
reached home almost 4 am. zomg that's very late.

No worries. I was sober throughout the event. &it's a good thing :D
Overall. It was fun. Enjoyed it lots!

Nex update- GENTING! hurhurhur...

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