wo0t!! Halloween is comingggg....

Thanx to Nuffnang with its partner-in-crime Nokia XpressMusic
they're organizing another rocking party ahead~
with de Music sponsored by Universal Music Malaysia

It's gonna be Malaysia's first SILENT dance partay. :D
with handphones and headphones plugged in and dancing. lol
oh cant wait. can ya? lol

Now now....
what should I put up to go - trick or treating? Lol
Halloween isnt complete without a costume ey. gotta visit PartyWorld
for one already. xD

Exhibit No.1

Pumpkin head!

This is gonna be wicked! Hur hurr hurrr.. Pumpkin head glowing summore
scared anod? lol Malaysia got huge pumpkin? all I've seen are tiny ones

Putting a real one in the head kinda eww hor?

Exhibit No.2

Yeahh. Put on something like this dude is coool.
I can go like Hey Su Ling, take a look at my gunshot *touchwood*
HEHEHEH. freakay~

Exhibit No.3

Easy way out. Putting on a mask like this. :P
a scary bloodsucker!?! har har...

Not only that... there are 2 Nokia XpressMusic Mobilephones up
for grabs! =O

You know you want those pretty phones. lol. i also want can?
All you need to do is to be at the party ppl! :D

On 1st November 2008 - Borneo Baruk Club (BBC) KL -
6pm to 10pm. By invitation - Here's how to get invited

Again... can't wait ppl! cya there. I hope. lol

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