Finally some time to post up on my awesome FIRST Genting trip with
my geng of college buddies and bitches. ahahah!

We planned this trip weeks before and it ended so instantaneous. lol
but I enjoyed most of it. although it was quite a short trip.

Sasha . Rob . Flo . Hardeep . Sue . ME

Heading to Outdoor ThemePark from our temporary crib, the Apartment
It was kinda far from the Apartment... zzz... walk until tired d.
Someone said good exercise.. hmm

Had KFC for lunch first... then headed to the theme park.


Most of the time spent there was to wait.... yeahh. that's much of
what we did. haha...

But had the chance to go on Corkscreww. lol and PirateShip

All of us! :D

Sadly didn't manage to go on Space Shot. coz it RAINED cats and dogs
with lightning bolts. -.-

Flying coaster was cool but went on it before so no big deal.

I enjoyed the Go Kart thing?! but waited a whole lot of time for it. ish.

Sasha. Rob. Flo and ME on a Go Kart!

Ecstatic ppl- June . Reuben and Su Ling

No... we did not hit them intentionally. or did we?

They got stuck in the phone booth. tsk tsk.

We went up the London bus. hur hurr hurr.

Well since it rained like hell.. we ended up waiting to watch MotionMaster
and the story was AliBaba and something. it was uber lame.

more reasons to camwhore...

We went into Ripley's Believe It or Not too... lol

Giant chair!

The infamous- "Don't Spit on the Sidewalk" brick

June trying to get the books. lol

After that. we headed to grab dinner! we felt poorly since everything
was so expensive. aih... Sue had to wait to be in KL to have soup. lol
then we headed bak to the apartment. xD

We even surprised Juney for her belated b'day. HAHA :D

June loves Filet O' Fish. xD

Haha. after that we played a whole lot of games to entertain ourselves
but seriously- the sound system sux. an old radio. HAHA

played Pictionary! 'someone' cheated. lol

The hand-slapping table game!

Happy People! :)

And we had an AWESOME night. =D BUT it was FREEZING!
Whatever happened in Genting, stays in Genting. yea...

Next morning. cranky me got up dem early coz it was COLD..
everyone still tido-ing. lol
Got ready and packed up by noon to head back.. it was misty outside

Went to First World hotel. They wanted to go into the casino so be it la
Sue, June and Reuben went in. I got stopped. wtf. underage. lol
so we chilled outside waiting for Rob. -.-

EMO ppl. lol

Up the cablecar~

Sue . Navin

Hardeep . ME

That's the end of Genting trip.
can't wait for the next one. hopefully if there's any. lol

Next post up soon hopefully. a very personal one too.
aih.. ttfn.

Photo credits: Sasha. Rob

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