Happy stuff first. :)

I managed to watch KEITH | A Feature film by Todd Kessler. Hur hurr hur! :D
it was awesome. I enjoy movies like Keith that needs some thinking to
comprehend the whole plot.

An awesome love story. If you believe in love that is.

If you liked A Walk To Remember, this could be the same genre of
your interest.

Short sypnosis

Natalie(Elizabeth Harnois) has it all: yearbook editor, scholarship to college,
star athlete, reigning social queen. Then Keith(Jesse McCartney) enters her life.
Secretive and enigmatic, he slowly lures her from her comfort zone. The more
Keith holds back, the more Natalie becomes intrigued with figuring him out.

Few of the movie stills.

I love the airport scene the most. If only I had <3

The not so happy part.
"If the mind keeps thinking you had enough, but the heart keeps telling
you don't give up...."

wo0t. Updates on my life lately.

Although I really feel like going off to bed seriously. and continue my routine
of completing the assignments that is apparent to be never-ending.

Right after Genting was MID-TERMS! -.-

wouldnt say I was THAT last minute to study my ass off~
but I did study till I got sick after finishing all papers.

I believe that I screwed Management Info Systems. The bloody quiz
was held a week earlier. nonetheless. ppl tell me- no you didnt screw it
YEAH. repeat that and I'll ask you to shaddup.

Accounting I was rather moderate killer. I lost about 5m out of 20m
and was DAMN emo in class & I ignored the freshie (another long story)
now we're studying both US and UK Accounting systems. and it gets

Marketing was scored fairly. a loss of 6m out of 20m. NO A already lah
I know get over it. ANOTHER bugger had to ignite my anger by asking
stupid ques before exam. I must be some fool to actually layan him.
tsk tsk..

Religions exam was ok. No news of results yet. aih.. I knew I couldnt
answer the Hinduism stuff... nonsense oni. Hopefully I did the essay
properly. -.-

I know I sound super annoyed now. pls excuse the expression

BUT its not OVER. Assignments!

One of my group members sent crap work to me. wth. I TOLD her to REDO
and get it done. WTH copy from Wikipedia entry and paste there think
I DUNNO and tell me nola when it is EXACTLY the same. -.-

and another MIS assignment I got frustrated over.

Was so tired from prep for Marketing project this morning...
today I gulped down 2 cups of coffee to stay awake for classes till 7
and then jam like hell.
what a day.

Excuse the impolite language used in the entry if any had offended you

I suddenly feel like dyeing my hair. LOL but not green ah
bleach perhaps.

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