and then, there were two....

wo0t. I had my MUET Year-End Examination today, started off Speaking
was rather blur today. didn't know what to expect and all... there I was
at Catholic High School for the exam.

Some teacher redirected us all around the school for the test. wth.
wait,wait. this is not Speaking... it's Listening! O.o?

ended up back in some classroom. the school is huge I could've got lost
Met some ppl from IMU taking MUET too. They were quite friendly.
but one of the dude looked DAMN smarty pants. Med student wad.. -.-

Weird. I didn't ask their names at all. [yea- I dunno how to socialize]
Only differentiated them by which school they came from. LOL.
Chong Hwa, D.Utama, Subang Utama.
Didn't quite talk much with Denesh around. my only classmate that took
MUET with me. knowingly he is talkative. haha

The Speaking question was just like the ones we studied. It asked
what was most important to me. 4 choices fr group: Family, Friends,
Health, Wealth. I had "Friends" for my Individual Presentation.
Quite a simple topic I'd say. so it was good...

Only felt jittery at the end. as though something's wrong. lol
we didnt go beyond time for both tasks coz examiner didn't ask to stop.
worried at one point; but felt it went well... I think

The rest of MUET is scheduled on the 8th November, Saturday. aih...

Subject registration for Spring 2009 started already; like 1 month
earlier than it should. coz normally few weeks before semester ends...

I'm taking:-
Consumer Behaviour . Entrepreneurship and Small Business . Advertising
Intro to Philosophy and Critical Thinking.

It's 5 subjects! wonder if I can cope. xD
Ai Li wanted me to take Business Law I with her too. see first tho. lol
and I'm giving Accounting II a hiatus. not gonna take till nex Fall.

it's almost perfect.

I'm quite ok for now.. no more nuclear explosion. wth.
but still got lots of work to be done in a few weeks. MIS Presentation.
Religions and Accounting quiz. Prep for MUET. Study all the way for
Finals in the coming weeks.

Been reading the Wall Street Journal everytime I go to college and it's
always the same news. =.= Bailouts, Recessions, Inject more cash...

Can someone tell me. Why expenses are on Debit side of Trial Balance?

I think too, useless ppl are part of everyday lifecycle. They are there to
complement the useful ppl that we have to achieve some sort of balance

Shall try to ignore such bozos as much as I can. coz they're not worth
my time nor attention. May the good God bless their pitiful souls.
such incompetent ppl.


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