Here's another tag from Claire. knowingly I will do it. lol.

1. What was your dream during childhood?
- Can't quite remember...

2. You like rainy days or sunny days?
- Windy days is sooo relieving. xD

3. Which colour do you like most? Black or White?
- Prefer black

4. Whom would you marry to?
- Some chiq. If I do find that someone. :)

5. Where would you want to go most? Why?
- No where in particular. Perhaps U.S or Europe

6. Which part of yourself you love the most?
- My hair. Used to be spiked. now no more =/ It's slickly straight. wth

7. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?
- EMO the whole day. listen to EMO songs from Avril. J-Mac cheers me up in the end. :D

8. What are you afraid of losing most?
- My dear Family. :D and not forgetting- Friends.

9. What are the requirements that you wish for the other half?
- I'd insist on the other 'whole' someone down to earth. and so AMAZING.

10. Till now, what is the moment you regret most?
- that "You were so amazing. and I... just wanted a little more time"

11. Which type of person you hate most?
- I see the face I don't like. HAHA. Airheads, Know-It-All, Idiots and Useless ones

12. What is your ambition?
- To be a performer perhaps musician. That's not gonna happen i think. meh

13. Would you rather be someone else at this moment?
- Nope. Being myself is great.

14. If you can have 2 dreams to come true, what would it be?
- Having the brains of Einstein and ace all my bloody exams.
- Generate more moolah!

15. What do you think is most important in your life?
- Self well being and everything important to me.

16. Who's your favourite cartoon character?
- Batman

17. What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
- Chill. and pray.

18. The most worthwhile decision you've ever made in your life so far?
- Decisions that have led to where I am now. :)

I tag:

No ONE. Happy?

Today I spent my day at Pavilion KL.
to help out my fellow bitches with their assignment on STOP.LOOK.(something)
their Advertising class assignment- a Community service message.

Was the first to reach-
recklessly had a latte at Starbucks. while waiting for the others..
June and Peiwen got the wheelchair and walking stick. xD and waited for Navin.

We're acting out a scene on the street. lol.
Go figure what we can do with the wheelchair and stick. Haha.
Clues: I was driven across the street on a wheelchair by June in 10 seconds.
imagine me being disabled. It was a NIGHTMARE. the way i zoomed... I might have
leaped off my wheelchair instead. LOL

It was bloody hot. under the sun. Peiwen had Scene 1 Take 5!! going-on.
Some random passer-by even offered to bring me across the street. HAHAHAHHA
despite the fact that we're just acting. XD

After all that acting- we rewarded ourselves to lunch at Sakae Sushi.

Navishia K


June Yin | She's sad cz she didn't bring her purse.

I; and omgz0r! rebonded hair. xD


Due to something called peer pressure. Navinder Kaur suggested we go for beer...
for only! 29.90 before tax, right next to CoffeeBean. There you go...

*blur* coz that's my treat being volunteer of the day for their shooting. xD
Note: I'm not a fan of beers. :P

and got tad tipsy after 1 mug. haha. I know... don't say

Tmrw class! MIS and Marketing. &yey no Religions.

P/S: Halloween Party at BBC this Saturday. anyOne going?? I'm feeling lazy.
no costume yet... still thinking.

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